SUV Economy Rental

SUV car rental
  • 2 passengers
  • 2 luggages
  • 4 doors
  • 4x2
  • Gasoline
  • Manual
  • A/C & P/S

Renting a SUV such as the Geely GX3 2WD SUV that Adobe Rent a Car offers, will allow you to travel in a perfect vehicle to explore Costa Rica, at a cheaper price than renting a premium SUV. 

This economy 4-door SUV is recommended for 2 passengers and 2 suitcases, it has 2WD front-wheel drive and manual transmission. It is a hybrid between a sport utility vehicle and a large sedan and has a 1,500 cc 4-cylinder engine and an output of 102hp@5600rpm. It is characterized by having cruise control, camera and reverse sensors, electro-assisted steering, and independent front suspension.

Although these types of vehicles are not off-road or compact SUVs, their comfort of use, spaciousness, space, and good consumption will make you feel as if you were riding one. You can book this SUV at our car rental agency in San José, or you can check availability at other Adobe car rental offices.

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