Intermediate SUV

rentar camioneta SUV intermedia
  • 3 passengers
  • 3 luggages
  • 4 doors
  • Gasoline
  • Automatic
  • A/C & P/S

Adobe’s automatic-transmission, Intermediate SUV 2WD, such as the Hyundai Venue 2WD, or similar, is a perfect sports utility vehicle for visitors wanting to explore the country while saving on the cost of fuel. The midsize, 4-door SUV has a seating capacity for 3, luggage room for 3 suitcases, and plenty of power to navigate mountainous territory. This is our best fuel-efficient, budget intermediate SUV in its rental class. 

Midsize SUV vs. Standard SUV? Midsize (or intermediate size) SUVs are slightly smaller than the standard size (or full-size) models.

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