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Explore El Jobo Costa Rica With Adobe 

The El Jobo Peninsula used to be one of the lesser-known attractions in the northwest corner of Guanacaste Province. 

That is until recently. 

The peninsula is dotted with sleepy Pacific Ocean fishing villages, quiet coves, and secluded beaches. Its location tucked between the Santa Rosa National Park and the border of Nicaragua was too remote for many visitors. 

The recent expansion of the Liberia International Airport and the arrival of big luxury resorts are fast making the region one of the best beach destinations in Costa Rica. And El Jobo Peninsula is no exception.

To the south is the Golfo de Santa Elena. To the north is the Bahia de Salinas. And on the westernmost point is the calm bay of Costa Rica Playa El Jobo.

Playa El Jobo Guanacaste Costa Rica

The Dreams Las Mareas Resort is the peninsula’s most recent arrival. El Jobo Bay’s calm waters and backdrop of rolling hills were attractive features for the 477-room hotel’s location.

Bahia Jobo is less than two hours from Liberia International Airport on the Panamerican Highway. From the highway, the beautiful beaches of El Jobo are less than thirty minutes from La Cruz. La Cruz is the closest service town offering banks, pharmacies, and supermarkets.

Getting to Playa El Jobo, Guanacaste

Enjoying the gorgeous beaches and things to do on the El Jobo Peninsula is easy with Adobe Rent a Car. Our Liberia Adobe offices are close and convenient. Choose from two full-service offices in the area: the Liberia International Airport office and the downtown Liberia Office

The roads in Guanacaste Province are generally in good condition. In most cases, visiting the up-and-coming El Jobo won’t require a 4WD Vehicle. Popular car types for families visiting the area are the Hyundai Accent Superior or similar.  These comfortable sedans have ample luggage space and seating for three to four people.

Another favorite is the Geely GX3 2WD SUV. The Geely’s added lift and traction make it one of the best vehicles for driving the dirt roads around Guanacaste’s beaches.

Costa Rica El Jobo Beach

Playa El Jobo Costa Rica is one of the prettiest beaches on the peninsula. Rocky outcroppings protect the bay with a golden sand crescent beach in between. Although the Dreams Resort takes up part of the bay, there is still space for visitors to enjoy.

El Jobo’s calm bay is the perfect spot to enjoy watersports. The clear turquoise waters are perfect for swimming, kayaking, SUPs, and snorkelling. Rarely does a weekend pass without visitors enjoying beach activities like horseback riding or an impromptu game of soccer.

Costa Rica’s coastline is public domain, and locals or visitors are allowed to enjoy all of the beautiful tropical beaches. Sharing the peninsula with El Jobo are la Coyotera Beach, Playa Rajada, Playa Copal, and Playa Pochotes. Each is different and worth visiting.

Things to do near El Jobo, Costa Rica

El Jobo’s easy access, safe community, and scenic surroundings are a magnet for tour providers. Today, just about every popular eco-tour is within reach for visitors.

Canopy zip lines tours are offered in the tropical dry forest area. ATV tours crisscross the countryside. Sportfishing or tours of the coast’s mangrove forests and estuaries attract ocean enthusiasts. 

Salinas Bay, just to the north of El Jobo Peninsula, is a kitesurfing mecca. As the premier windsurfing destination in Costa Rica, Bahi de Salinas is quickly gaining international recognition.

Also nearby are some of Costa Rica’s most spectacular national parks. The Santa Elena National Park to the south is home to fascinating coastal habitats. Thousands of sea turtles visit the park’s beaches seasonally to lay their eggs.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park is another visitor favorite. Less than two hours away, the park has a network of hiking trails through the rare volcanic ecosystems. And don’t miss Rincon de la Vieajas health-imbuing hot springs! 

The best time to travel to El Jobo

Guanacaste Province is the country’s driest region. For most of the year weather in the El Jobo area is dry and sunny. Afternoon rain showers are common during the green season, from May to late November.

Many visitors prefer the wetter months because the landscape is green and lush. Wildlife is most active during this period. The peak of the rainy season is September and October. These are El Jobo’s wettest months when most rainfall occurs. 

Frequently asked questions about Playa El Jobo

Is visiting El Jobo safe?

El Jobo is a small community whose residents work primarily in the tourism industry and fishing. It is considered safe to visit, although petty crime is possible.

What’s the fastest way to get to El Jobo?

Visitors flying into Liberia International Airport can reach El Jobo in approximately two hours. The best route is taking the Panamerica Highway north to La Cruz. From La Cruz follow Rute 935 to the town of El Jobo or onward to your hotel.

Does Adobe offer long term rentals in Costa Rica?

Yes, Adobe offers long-term and corporate rentals. See our blog article here for more information.

Do I need to purchase rental car insurance to visit El Jobo?

 Yes, Costa Rican law dictates you must purchase third-party liability insurance to drive a rental car.

Can I drop off my rental car at a different location than the Liberia Rental Office?

Yes, speak with an Adobe agent for more details regarding vehicle drop-off locations:

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