Adobe Rent a Car – The Best Long-Term Car Rental Option in Costa Rica


Are you planning on visiting or doing business in Costa Rica for an extended period? Adobe Rent a Car offers hassle-free and affordable Monthly and Long-Term Vehicle Rentals. We make sure you get the most out of your time and money.  

We offer long term car rental options. Or, rent for as long as you need, from one-day rentals to weeks, months, and even years. And what’s more, the longer you rent from Adobe, the more you’ll save.

We are proud to be Costa Rica owned and operated. Adobe Rent a Car opened its doors in 1990. Since then, we’ve grown to be Costa Rica’s largest and most reputable car rental company. We honor our clients by guaranteeing professional customer service, competitive rates, impeccable vehicles, and absolutely no hidden fees.

Why choose a long term car rental?

  • Extended Vacation – Get to know the country and its people on an extended vacation.
  • Extended trip – Unforeseen events often lead to trip extensions.
  • Secondary Residence – Many expats call Costa Rica their second home.
  • Business or temporary work assignment – Maximize your company’s efficiency and budget by renting your company’s cars or fleet.
  • Personal vehicle repair – We provide your temporary transportation while your automobile is being serviced.

Monthly Car Rentals

Save money when you rent a vehicle for a month or longer. For every 30 days car rental, Adobe offers a discounted corporate rate of 22 rental days. That’s 8 free days of rental service!

Great savings also apply for short-term, quarterly, 3-month, multi-month, and yearly rentals. The longer you rent, the more you save. And don’t worry If you don’t know how long you’ll need the vehicle. Our competitive rates maintain the same fixed price year-round.

Annual Car Rentals

Adobe Rent a Car offers special long-term car rental rates for customers interested in yearly rentals. Rent for a minimum of 365 consecutive days to up to 3-years.

The following conditions apply to qualify for the annual rental rate:

  • The same vehicle is used during the contracted period.
  • The rental includes full-coverage insurance with road assistance.

What are the benefits of long-term rentals?

Clients who choose Adobe Rent a Car for their long-term business or personal needs will receive the following complimentary services:

  • Competitive rates
  • 24/7 Professional Customer Service
  • Assistance in choosing the right vehicle
  • Free vehicle delivery to your premises (within a 12-mile radius of the Adobe office)
  • Full (SPP) Insurance Coverage with a $0.00 deductible option
  • 24/7 Specialized Road-Side Assistance throughout the country
  • Free additional driver
  • Car exchange or a substitute car upon request
  • All preventative and corrective maintenance is included

Customize your Adobe Rent a Car

We ensure you get the make and model of the car you want. Adobe also provides options and accessories to make your time in Costa Rica it’s best. Each item is offered for a low-cost rate.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Device
  • Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Infant Car Seats and Boosters
  • Cell Phone
  • Surfboard or luggage racks
  • Tinted windows and bodywork
  • Location tracker

*Ask your agent about additional accessories and options.

Renting vs Long Term Leasing – Adobe Total Fleet

Total Fleet is a division of Adobe Rent a Car that specializes in fleet rentals for businesses operating in Costa Rica. Through Total Fleet, Adobe offers corporate car rental rates and even entire fleet rental options.

There are many advantages to renting over leasing. By renting, Total Fleet can provide improved customer services. This includes the vehicle’s maintenance and compliance with national registration requirements. Renting also eliminates the risks and paperwork associated with purchasing a new car.

Don’t waste time and money buying your business’s fleet. Adobe provides streamlined vehicle and fleet acquisition and financing, in addition to covering Costa Rica’s registration and tax requirements. Adobe will also take care of your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs. Leaving you free to focus on what’s important, your business!

The Adobe Fleet

All of Adobe’s vehicles are either new or less than 24-months old. This includes monthly rentals. We offer the most trusted makes and models available on the market. Choose from Chevrolet, Hyundai, Isuzu, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Ford.

Total Fleet will help you find the model that fits your personal and business needs.

  • Mini, economy, compact, and intermediate sedans
  • Mid-size 2WD SUVs, 4WD or 4×4 SUVs
  • Full-size and premium SUV’s
  • Pickups, panel trucks, and minivans

Complimentary Vehicle Delivery

Adobe offers complimentary vehicle deliver to premises within a 12-mile radius of the rental office. Customers will also receive 24/7 road-side assistance nationwide with certain packages. This includes tow services and full-insurance coverage with a $0 or low-deductible option.

Adobe Costa Rica – Short and Long Term Rental Locations

Adobe Rent a Car has 16 rental locations in Costa Rica. You’ll find the same great rates and professional services at each office regardless if you rent for days or months at a time.

Visit or contact our San José Adobe Rent a Car Office Headquarters

For long-term rentals and renting, our office headquarters in San José handles fleet and extended-period rental logistics.

Barrio Corazón de Jesús, San José.

From the Southwest corner of the Cemetery, 100 meters West and 800 meters South


Costa Rica telephone: +(506) 2542-4800;

The U.S. and Canada toll-free: +1(855) 861-1250 (8 am-5 pm Central Time)

WhatsApp: + (506) 8494-5956

Adobe offices near Costa Rica’s international airports – Adobe provides complimentary shuttle bus transfers to and from the airport.

The Adobe Rent a Car – Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) in Alajuela

The Adobe Rent a Car in Alajuela is less than five minutes away from the Juan Santamaria International Airport. Adobe San José Airport operating hours:  Monday to Sunday, from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. local time.


Costa Rica telephone: +(506) 2542-4800 local time.

The U.S. and Canada toll-free: +1(855) 861-1250 (8 am-5 pm Central Time)

WhatsApp: + (506) 8494-5956

The Adobe Rent a Car – Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia

Located 7 km southwest of the airport’s main entrance in Guardia, Liberia.

Adobe Liberia Airport operating hours: Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time.


Toll-free from the U.S. and Canada: 1(855) 861-1250;

Costa Rica telephone: + (506) 2667-0608

WhatsApp: + (506) 8494-5956

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  1. Hello.
    My daughter arrives in San Jose on 27th of October, and will stay for 4/5 months. She knows the country as spent last winter there too.
    This time, I’d like to arrange a long term car rental, for the whole period. I can pay in advance.

    She is, however, 19 years old – and has been driving in the UK for >2 years. Ideally I’d like to rent a small 4×4.
    Can you help?

  2. We are in need of a long term rental
    From January 5th to April 1st 2021
    Prefer an SUV mid size.

  3. Good Evening,

    My family and I (2A & 2C) are travelling to Costa Rica in January 2022 and require a longer term rental.

    Could you please provide a quote for a month hire & 6 week hire of a large 4wd (Toyota Fortuner or Mitsubishi Outlander minimum) Pick up would be from Liberia Airport.

    If you could please include all necessary insurance in the quote that would be fantastic.

    1. Hello Rebecca: our Reservation Dpt. will contact you to provide the information for a long term rental.

  4. Hello
    Looking to rent a large suv
    For 3 month
    Can you please get back to me with further information

    1. Hello Miriam: thank you for your message. We will send you the information for a long term rental.

  5. Hi all,

    We want to travel Costa Rica for 3 months and I am looking for a Compact SUV 4WD for 2 adults and 2 kids from Januari till april (app 90 day’s).
    Can you please sent me a offer?

    Thank you

    Dirk Willem Wolters

    1. Hello, thank you for the message. Our Reservation Dpt. will contact you to provide further information about the long rental.

  6. Buenas noches. Estoy buscando un 4×4 de al menos 7 pasajeros por un periodo de 6 meses, a partir de Setiembre 2021.

    1. Hola Joaquin: muchas gracias por contactarnos. Nuestro departamento de Reservaciones le estará contactando con la información de la renta larga.

  7. Hi there.

    Hoping you can help us out for our 2 month stay in Costa Rica.

    We are looking for the following:

    – small SUV 4×4
    – flying in and out of San Jose
    – December 1, 2011 through January 31, 2022
    – include mandatory insurance required by CR
    – we will use the insurance provided by the credit card company MC

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Regards… Gary.

    1. Hello Gary, sure, our Reservation Dpt. will send you a quote for the long term rental.

    1. Hello Vincent: thank you for contacting us. We will send you the information about the long term rental to the email.

  8. Hola,
    ich möchte ein Angebot für eine 8-monatige Autovermietung (September 2021 – April 2022) für ein 7-Sitzer-Auto (4WD) einholen.
    Vielen Dank.

  9. Hi there. I’ll need a car starting in September, for about 1 year. Small family. Thanks

    1. Hello Alessandro: thank you for the message. Our Sales department will contact you to provide further information about the long term rental.

    1. Hello Guy, thank you for contacting us. Our Sales Dpt. will contact you regarding information for a long term rental.

    1. Hello Jason: thank you for your message. Our Reservation Dpt. will contact you to provide indormation about the long term rental.

  10. Need a car for 3 months. June end to Sept End.
    Standard Sedan will work.
    Please let me know the pricing

    1. Hello Pradeep: thank you for the message. An agent will contact you to provide the information about the long term rental.

  11. Hello: I am looking to rent a vehicle from Jan 1/2022 to March 31/2022. Can you give me a quote please. Thanks you.


    1. Hello Kerry: thank you. An agent will contact you to provide the information about the long term rental.

  12. Hola,

    Me gustaria rentar un carro, de ser posible un Suzuki Jimny o similar, alguna linea economica y que sea manual.
    Quisieramos rentar el carro aproximadamente del 25 de Noviembre, 2021 al 25 de Abril, 2022.
    Por favor envienme varias ofertas.
    Gracias y saludos,
    Sandra Cordero

    1. Hola Sandra. Con mucho gusto, le vamos a contactar para brindar la informacion del alquiler del Jimny. Quedamos a la orden.

  13. Hello, looking for a 4×4 rental for May 15th – July 15 . Please provide quote.

    1. Hello Anders: we will contact you with a quote for the special long term rate as per your request.

  14. Hello, looking for a sub 4×4 rental for June 7th – Sept 1 (seating for 6). Please provide quote.

    1. Hello Jason, thank you for your message. We will send to your email the quote for a 4×4 as per your request.

  15. Hello dear team, i´ll stay in CR until September or longer.
    I´m looking for a full-size SUV or Premium SUV.
    Maybe we can get in touch ?
    Nice regards, Sonja

    1. Hello Sonja: sure, we will get in touch with you regarding the rental for an SUV.

  16. Looking for a monthly rental from June 2nd to July 2nd 2021. 4X4 SUV with seating for 6

    1. Hello Jeff. Thank you, we will send you a quote for a long term rental.

  17. Hola,
    I would like to get a quote for 4 months car rental (Jul-Oct) for a 7 seater car (preferably 4WD).

    1. Hello Nicolas. Sure, we will contact you to provide the information about long term rental.

    1. Hola Yancy. Nuestro departamento de Reservaciones le estará contactando para brindar mas informaciones sobre el Jimny y el Ioniq.

    1. Hola Sebastian: un ejecutivo le estará brindando la informacion de precios para rentas largas.

    1. Hello Nick: a sales representative will contact you to provide information about the monthly rate.

    1. Hello Nicole. We will contact you to ask you for more details to hel you with the long term car rental.

    1. Hello Shelly, sure, we will contact via email to provide further information about the long term rates.

    1. Hello Lisa. Thank you for contacting us. We will send you a quote to your email.

  18. Hello. Looking for a 1-2 month rental for April – May. Will need large SUV. Can you please contact me to quote. Thank you

    1. Hello Sandra: thank you for contacting us. Sure, we will send to your email the special monthly rate for a large SUV.

  19. We are planning to be in Costa Rica for 38 days from April 3rd to May 11th. Please can you quote the price including second driver for a 4 wheel drive with the discount available. Pick up and drop off at San Jose international airport.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Susan, thank you for contacting us. We will send to your email address the quote for your consideration.

  20. My friend and I will be in Costa Rica Jan 1 to March 26th. We are looking for a long term rental at reasonable rate, insurance for 2. Can you give me the best price you have, we aren’t fancy and just want to be able to explore while we are there. Landing January 1 in Liberia, Leaving San Jose on March 26th.
    Thank you so much,
    Leslie Wielenga

  21. My family and I (2 adults + 2 kids) will be living in CR for 6 month (January – June) so i would like a long term rental out of Liberia. The car will mostly be used around the house, so Im looking for an inexpensive option that can fit the family if we go out. Do you have a car that you can recommend? What is the price per month?

  22. Hola
    We rented our car from you for a 3 week trip in 2019 and were very satisfied with your excellent service.
    We are planning a longer trip of about 63 days in January-March 2021.
    Please could you confirm that we would be eligible for your monthly car rental rate of 22 days per month for an automatic economy car from Liberia Airport.
    We would like to budget for this as soon as possible and wonder if that amount calculation shows up in the regular quote box on your website?
    Thank you and best wishes

  23. Hello
    I just wanted to enquire about how much it would be to rent an automatic regular car for 61 days in January-March.
    I was looking at your monthly offer of paying for 22 days out of every 30 days.
    Does this rate automatically appear in the quote offered on your website?
    Best regards

  24. Good morning, I am interested in long term rental. How can I see the rates for 10 months or one year? I am interested in a small car such as a terios. Rental period woudl begin in February 2021.
    Thank you in advance,

  25. Hello, If the borders up June 15th as planned, without any further extensions, I will be in Costa Rica for a month from June 25th to July 25th. What is the lowest cost of a rental car for this time frame?
    Thank you,