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Check out the Adobe Geely Coolray 2022

Here at Adobe car rental company, we want our customers to have the right car to match their budget and travel plans. So, we have a lot of vehicle makes and models to choose from. 

From economy and compact sedans to luxury SUVs and pickup trucks and everything in between.

And now there’s the Geely Coolray 2022! This affordable, sleek and powerful crossover 4×2 offers similar bells and whistles as a Mitsubishi ASX but with a lower rental price tag. 


Geely Coolray 2022 4×2 Costa Rica rental

What does the Coolray have that’s got us so excited? Ever since Geely partnered with the esteemed car maker Volvo their style and technology have undergone a major upgrade.

For starters, the Coolray Crossover is a big step up from the subcompact crossover Geely GX3. Its 1.5 liters, three cylinder turbocharged engine packs a whopping 177 hp of power. 

Our Adobe Geely Cool Ray SUV compact 7-Speed comes with an automatic transmission with central locking and power lock doors for extra security. And with 177 horsepower of turbocharged action, this model has a great response time and plenty of pickup. 


Check out the Adobe Geely Coolray

What’s inside the Geely Coolray gasoline model?

The Coolray’s interior was designed to resemble a jet plane cockpit and even sports a jet throttle inspired shifter. Outside, its sleek and sporty shape has the look of a futuristic airplane fuselage.

Although it’s technically a five-seater with three rear seats, we recommend up to four passengers to maximize comfort. With its 30-liter trunk volume, you can fit three standard pieces of luggage easily. 

The Coolray also comes with many of the latest intelligent driving technologies. These include ICC intelligent cruise control, blind spot detection, park assist, and power assist.

Additional features include an onboard computer, multi-function steering wheel, power windows, an engine start/stop button, and keyless entry. 

Although the back seat doesn’t provide AC vents, the automatic climate control will keep you and your passenger cool and dry.


Check out the Adobe Geely 2022

Geely 2022 Costa Rica rental recommendations

Our Geely Coolray 2022 vehicles are not off road SUVs and should not be driven on terrain requiring 4WD. However, depending on the road and traffic conditions, you can choose from three driving settings: Eco, Normal, or Sport. 

Remember that driving in Costa Rica has different challenges than driving in the United States or Europe. This is a mountainous country and roads can be narrow, winding, and poorly lit in rural areas.

Because our days are usually hot and our nights are cool, fog and mist are common in the evening and early morning. This is especially true during the rainy season or in high elevations.

Foreigners that travel to Costa Rica are sometimes intimidated by road conditions in Costa Rica. Drivers in the capital city, San Jose, can also be more aggressive than in other countries. 

The best tip for driving in Costa Rica is to take it slow and drive during daylight hours whenever possible. Renting an Adobe Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot will allow you to connect to helpful GPS applications. In Costa Rica, WAZE is the most reliable application with real-time traffic and route updates. 

Nonetheless, we’re confident that renting a car rental in Costa Rica can be a positive and fun experience. Nothing beats the freedom and security that having your own transportation provides. 


Geely Coolray 2022

Insurance coverage for the Geely Coolray 2022

At Adobe we offer a selection of car coverage options to meet our customer’s needs and budgets.

In addition to the mandatory Liability Protection Insurance (PLI) required by Costa Rican law, customers can choose full coverage or limited liability insurance.

When renting a 2022 crossover SUV like the Geely Coolray, we recommend opting for Adobe’s Extended Protection Coverage. It is also referred to as the Supplemental Protection Plan (SPP).

With Adobe’s SPP you are eligible for 24/7 roadside assistance anywhere within the national territory – at no additional cost. 

SSP coverage also includes:

  • No deductible. SPP waves the 20% deductible for third-party damages.
  • Increases your insurance coverage to $2 million USD per event.
  • And any vandalism or other damages to the car are covered, including the tires and windows.

Enjoy the peace of mind and assurance that you and your loved ones have the best coverage available by choosing Adobe’s Extended Protection Coverage. 


adobe Geely Coolray 2022

Renting a Geely Coolray requirements

To rent a Geely Coolray 2022 or any other vehicle from Adobe Rent a Car the following conditions must be met:

  • You and all additional drivers must be at least 23 years old to rent a car from Adobe.
  • You must have a valid drivers license from your home country. It must also be at least two years older than the first date of issue. 
  • You will also need an international driver’s license if yours is written in a non-Romanic language such as Chinese or Arabic.
  • You will need a valid credit card from a major provider to pay the security deposit. 
  • You will need to purchase third party liability insurance required by Costa Rican law.

Please click here for more information about Adobe’s requirements and the car rental process


Long term rentals and Adobe’s Geely Coolray 2022 

Are you considering a move to Costa Rica and need a long term car rental? At Adobe Rent a Car we offer extended period and corporate car rental incentives.

We aim to meet your personal and corporate needs by providing expert customer service and a high-quality, reliable fleet of cars to choose from. 

You can rent a car from one day to one year. It’s up to you. The longer you rent from Adobe, the more you’ll save. 

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