Visit the charming village of Punta Islita for a romantic beachfront getaway far from the hustle of city life. The quaint Costa Rican vacation destination is on a seaside ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Guanacaste Province.

Islita’s remote location on the Nicoya Peninsula has helped preserve the small town’s authenticity and beauty. Pristine beaches, glorious sunsets, and its artistic community make it a favorite among foreigners and local travelers. 

The town’s delightfully small colonial-style church is a well-known spot for destination weddings. Combined with the breathtaking views and upscale lodging options, Punta Islia is a natural hot spot of Guanacaste.

Punta Islita Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The Nicoya countryside and coastal communities are famous for their scenery and rural charm. Because of the nearby attractions, many visitors like to explore the area in their own vehicles. But it’s also possible to arrive there by domestic flight or shuttle bus.

Popular destinations near Punta Islita include the Playas Samara and Nosara to the north. A few miles south are local favorites Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, and Montezuma.

The rugged coastline is a haven of wild and remote beaches worth exploring. These off-the-beaten-track treasures are often deserted. Visitors can enjoy their pristine beauty all to themselves. 

Getting to Punta Islita, Costa Rica

At Adobe, we have 14 offices across the nation. So, getting to Islita in an Adobe vehicle is easy and convenient.

There are several ways to drive to Punta Islita. It takes just over three hours from the Libera International Airport and our Adobe Liberia office. The fastest route is south on the Pan American Highway and across the Tempisque Bridge. 

The drive from our San Jose International Airport office is around five hours and includes a ferry ride. Crossing the Gulf of Nicoya is a scenic and relaxing part of the journey. The drives on either side of the crossing are usually less than two hours through scenic countryside.

We recommend renting a 4WD or SUV vehicle when visiting Punta Islita. The roads are generally in good condition, but you may encounter rough terrain if you plan to explore. 

The Geely GX3 2WD SUV is an economical option with reliable power and extra clearance. Or, choose the popular 4WD Suzuki Vitara. It’s a favorite among our clients. 

Things to do in Costa Rica Punta Islita

Many tours and activities in Islita are associated with its namesake hotel. A pioneer in Guanacaste luxury tourism, Hotel Punta Islita has been receiving international visitors for decades. 

The resort is a haven of luxury and tranquility with beautiful infinity pools, private villas, and upscale restaurants. 

Punta Islita overlooks the coast and a beautiful secluded beach. Playa Punta Islita is a half-moon bay with rock formations at either end. The hotel runs a full-service beach club that is open to visitors. Beach chairs, umbrellas, kayaks, and water toys are available for rent.

When the surf is calm, visitors can snorkel the volcanic rock reefs of Playa Islita. The romantic bay is a favorite for sunrise and sunset walks and family gatherings.

Nearby Corozalito is home to the picturesque Playa Corozalito beach and the domestic airstrip servicing Islita. Both Islita and Corozalito comprise small communities of Costa Ricans making a living in tourism and other trades.

Local restaurants along the road between towns offer traditional Costa Rican dishes and Guanacaste favorites. Don’t miss a visit to the Islita Art Museum. The museum hosts local artists, and many items are for sale. 

Islita’s artistic flair isn’t contained in the museum alone. The community is a gathering place for local talent. Murals and sculptures around town add to Islita’s colorful charm.

Favorite pastimes in Costa Rica Punta Islita

Like most places in Costa Rica, life is best enjoyed outdoors. The beautiful tropical setting and balmy weather are consistent year-round.

Guanacaste Province tends to be drier than the rest of the country. Visiting Islita is enjoyable in both the rainy season and the dry season. Dry tropical forests are common in contrast to the great rain forests in the country’s interior.

During the rainy season, the landscape changes into a lush paradise resembling the tropical rainforests of the southern zone. See the area’s abundant wildlife and fauna on a canopy tour or horseback riding.

Just a few minutes north of Islita Beach, Costa Rica, is the beautiful Playa Camaronal. The beach and estuary are popular spots for day visits and wildlife tours in the Camaronal Wildlife Refuge. And the great waves are well known among surfers.

In addition to harboring marine, estuary, and land species, the Camoronal Refuge is a special haven for sea turtles. Four species of sea turtles visit the beach during the rainy season to lay their eggs. 

Witnessing turtle nesting is a special treat for visitors. It’s necessary to book a turtle nesting tour with a licensed guide because the creatures are protected by law. The guide will arrange for entrance into the park after hours, as sea turtles only lay eggs under the cover of darkness. 

Visit Punta Islita

A trip to Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is incomplete without visiting Punta Islita. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the region is famous for its Blue Zone lifestyle.

There are five Blue Zones worldwide known for the long lifespans of their residents. Their longevity stems from a high quality of life. Healthy food, good water, family ties, friends, and a sense of purpose are attributes of their long and prosperous lives.

Ask an Adobe agent if you’d like help arranging a visit to Punta Islita and the Nicoya Peninsula’s Blue Zone. Our friendly staff can give you advice on the best type of vehicle for your trip and recommendations about nearby attractions. Email for more information.