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Travel Costa Rica with Adobe: Day 6 – Turrialba

If you haven’t gone rafting yet, this is the other opportunity to do so. The best part is that it’s on your way to your next destination, the gorgeous valley of Turrialba.

And again, since you’ll be driving yourself, you get to leave for the Exploradores Center in Siquirres on your own time, rather than with a 5am shuttle.

Although you can opt to stay this evening at “Centro Turístico Las Tilapias”, “Pacuare Lodge“, or “Maquengue Falls“, we suggest continuing on to Turrialba, a hidden gem that many tourists never see.

Wagelia Espino Blanco Lodge

Located in the Biological Reserve that bears his name, on behalf of the tree which is endangered. An exclusive for those who enjoy the contact with nature, immersed in the beautiful mountains of Turrialba concept.

Wagelia Espino Blanco Lodge is characterized by the unique treatment of their staff, who are trained to provide the best care. It belongs to the group Wagelia Hotels & Lodge with more than 25 years of experience and pioneers in the area of Turrialba. Private bath with hot water supplied by gas.

The other advantage of continuing on to Turrialba is that you get to drive one of the most jaw-dropping stretches of blacktop in the country, a mountain road snaked over rocky rivers and verdant valleys of wild flowers and blossoming orange trees, connecting Alegría to Guayabo National Monument.

Guayabo National Monument

Driving this road especially makes sense if Guayabo is on your list, and we do recommend Costa Rica’s most important archaeological site. Though it’s not as striking as say, Chichen Itza, the site dates back to 800 AD and features petroglyphs, residential mounds and a pretty impressive ancient aqueduct.

If history isn’t your thing, bypass Guayabo and head for Finca La Florita, an artisanal cheese farm where guests learn how the nation’s most famous “queso” is made.

Lodges in Turrialba

From there, it’s just 15 minutes to our favorite lodgings in the area. This retreat has just a handful of well-constructed cabins in the woods, numerous hiking trails, and an open-air restaurant in the trees.

We also recommend Turrialtico Lodge, a wonderfully homey and traditional stay that’s also great for a romantic dinner overlooking the valley. If those options are full, check out Villa Florencia or Casa Turire.

Also, at some point during your stay near Turrialba, drop into the “Maracuyá Café” for the best drink this caffeine addict has found in Costa Rica: the maracuyá-flavored frozen coffee.

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