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Surf + adventure: Four spots in Costa Rica with incredible waves and unique experiences

In Costa Rica, the experiences are endless. It is possible to visit a beautiful beach and just a few miles away hides another incredible and virgin spot.

In each area there are unforgettable landscapes and different types of beauty. It is not the same to immerse yourself in the wild environment of Colonia beach, as to explore the white sand of Santa Teresa.

In the following ‘trip’, Adobe Rent a Car takes you to visit four spots that mix surfing with other experiences, such as adventure.

Camaronal beach


Hidden spot among the mountains, this beach is part of the Camaronal Wildlife Refuge.

Four miles away from Samara beach, few know that this place exists, and it is highly sought after by local surfers.

Camaronal is the perfect combination of virgin mountains, nature, waves and a place as remote as wild.

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Colonia beach


Among the locals it is known as ‘Shaman beach’ and is one of the best surfing destinations in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

Although this is not its only attraction. Colonia beach belongs to the Marino Ballena National Park in the town of Uvita, one of the most beautiful protected areas of the country.

Palm trees are mixed with the sound of birds in a tropical environment. It is a wild and little visited spot.

In the evenings, the sunsets are intense and colorful.

Avellanas beach


Located in Santa Cruz of Guanacaste, Avellanas beach is a spot of great beauty.

The sand is white and the spot is extensive, perfect for a long walk, while enjoying the scenery.

It is a destination with incredible waves and magical sunsets. Surfers ride the waves and then lie down under the small trees that hug the coast.

You can visit this place in a 4×2 car, but in case you travel in the rainy season it is better to book a 4×4 car, as the road looks very damaged.

The Mitsubishi ASX 4WD is a good option for touring Santa Cruz at your leisure, or if you prefer you can also book the Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4WD.

Santa Teresa beach


Surfing, yoga, relaxation… and then a quad to explore the dirt roads that surround the Cobano town.

In Santa Teresa beach the ‘two worlds’ are mixed: Rest and peace, with the adrenaline that produces adventure.

It is a beautiful beach town, with many gastronomic options and tours to live an integral experience.

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