Costa Rica’s mighty Arenal Volcano 
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Soak up the Wonders of Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Are you dreaming of a vacation destination that combines stunning natural beauty, thrilling outdoor activities, and soothing hot springs? Look no further than Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano National Park are among the most popular destinations in Costa Rica. And for good reason. The iconic cone-shaped volcano rises 1,633 meters (5,358 feet) above sea level, surrounded by lush tropical splendor.

The national park is only a few minutes from the town of La Fortuna de San Carlos. Its massive territory covers an area of 12,016 hectares (29,692 acres). 

Within the park’s boundaries are rainforests, savannas, and wetlands. These unique micro-climates and ecosystems are home to countless exotic species of plants and animals. Fascinating creatures such as toucans, monkeys, sloths, and colorful exotic plants. 

Costa Rica’s mighty Arenal Volcano

Must-do activities in La Fortuna

Arenal wasn’t always the serene and scenic vision it is today. In 1968, the sleeping giant awoke with a mighty eruption that shook the country to its core. 

Fortunately, the blast was temporary, and the fiery mountain settled into mere grumbling with a continuous low level of activity. For years, scientists and tourists were thrilled to witness the volcano’s display of geothermal energy. From a distance, of course.

That is, until 2010, when Arenal went into what is known as a resting phase. Today, only the occasional puff of steam comes from the top of its towering cone.

Getting to La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano National Park

La Fortuna and Arenal are located in Costa Rica’s northern highlands. Getting there takes approximately three hours from both the San Jose and Liberia international airports. The going is scenic and smooth over national highways and well paved country roads. 

For visitors flying into Guanacaste International Airport in Liberia, our Adobe office is only 7 km (5 miles) from the airport gates. Likewise, our Adobe San Jose International Airport office is only 3 km (under 2 miles) away.

We offer free roundtrip shuttle transportation from both international airports to our Adobe airport offices.

Must-do activities in La Fortuna

Soak up the Wonders of Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Visitors are drawn to La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano because of the vast array of adventures the region offers. From white-water rafting to hanging bridges and bird watching to thermal pools of water. There’s something for every age and appetite for adventure. 

The gateway to Arenal is the quaint countryside town of La Fortuna. A trademark cathedral and central park are the town center. There’s no better example of genuine Costa Rican charm than La Fortuna. 

Dozens of busy restaurants are found downtown and along the connecting roads. As are hotels and resorts of every type and price point.

All sorts of international tourists visit La Fortuna year-round. Hence, there’s a huge variety of lodging options and an equally international array of dining venues. 

Arenal Volcano National Park

Getting to La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano

There are several hiking trails in the national park. Each is a glimpse into the different habitats and landscapes of the volcano. Visitors can choose from easy to challenging hikes, depending on fitness level and preference.

Cerro Chato Trail leads to the summit of a nearby extinct volcano with a green lagoon in its crater. The hike is steep and strenuous, but the views are more than rewarding.

The Las Coladas Trail winds through remnants of lava flows formed by the eruptions of 1992 and 1993. Hikers can observe different types of lava formations and the unusual vegetation that grow in their mineral-rich soil.

Los Tucanes Trail takes hikers through the rainforest and offers a good chance to see wildlife and birds. The trail includes a scenic overlook with views of the volcano and Arenal Lake in the distance.

Guided hiking tours are highly informative and recommended for visitors interested in local history and wildlife.

The best of Costa Rica’s mineral waters

Arenal Volcano is the source of the country’s most sought after hot springs. Despite the dormant state, the volcano continues to emit geothermal heat and soothing hot springs.

The hot water emerges from deep below the mountain as steaming rivers and springs. There are dozens of hot springs resorts in La Fortuna. And most feature private thermal pools of water, walking trails, and lush tropical gardens.

It is possible to enjoy Arenal’s bubbling springs by purchasing a day pass. Several hot springs spas and resorts are open to the public. It’s a must do when visiting La Fortuna.

Scenic Lago Arenal

Arenal Volcano is bordered by a nearly 18km long (11 miles) reservoir known as Arenal Lake and Dam. The scenic freshwater lake is a favorite among sightseers, sports fishermen, and sailors. 

To best experience Lake Arenal you can book a boat tour, go windsurfing, or even stand up paddling. The lake often experiences high winds and attracts yearly sailing and windsurfing competitions.

Many visitors take a taxi boat across the lake and a private transfer to the cloud forests of Monteverde. The trip is not only scenic and fun, it cuts the driving time to Monteverde considerably.

Don’t miss La Fortuna Waterfall.

Located only 6 km (under 4 miles) from La Fortuna is its stunning namesake waterfall. The La Fortuna River drops an impressive 70 meters (230 feet) from the base of the extinct Chato Volcano. 

The breathtaking La Fortuna shouldn’t be missed. However, getting to the waterfall’s base requires good physical condition. Visitors can swim and take pictures in the refreshing pool beneath the falls. But getting there requires hiking down and up the canyon on steep stairs.

Those not interested in the climb can enjoy the waterfall’s beauty from above. A restaurant and gift shop are located at the park entrance.

An attraction for every visitor

When you visit Arenal Volcano with a rental car, you’ll have the freedom to do and see it all. Contact us today.

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