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Adobe Rent a Car delivers your rental car at your hotel at no extra cost

Adobe Rent a Car will deliver your rental car to your hotel at no additional cost

With Adobe Rent a Car, you can rent a vehicle anywhere in Costa Rica. We know that traveling while in a new country can be overwhelming, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. For this reason, we will deliver your rental car to your hotel at no additional cost.

Once you’ve made your reservation, let us know the name and address of your hotel and Adobe will arrange the vehicle’s delivery.

Does Adobe even deliver vehicles to remote areas?

Yes, we can deliver your rental car to any hotel in Costa Rica.

There will be no additional charges if your hotel is within 20 km of any of our Adobe offices. However, a transfer fee applies in the event that the hotel is outside of the 20 km radius. Here is a list of the current delivery rates.

How do I know how far my hotel is from the Adobe office?

You can use the Google Maps application to verify the distance between your hotel and the nearest Adobe office or simply contact us, and we will look for you.

What documentation should I provide?

When the Adobe representative delivers the car to your hotel, you must present the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license(valid for more than two consecutive years following the first date of issue)
  • Credit Card

Additional information

It is necessary to verify that the entry stamp in your passport is valid. Keep in mind that you must have tourist immigration status in order to use your home country’s driver’s license. If you’ve been in Costa Rica for over three months, then you are no longer considered a tourist. In this case, you must have a Costa Rican driver’s license to rent a car.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Major credit cards are accepted, such as American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Please note that Adobe does not accept cash or traveler’s checks, only credit cards. Discovery cards are not accepted because Discovery does not authorize security deposit withholdings.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is $1,000. Please make sure that you have sufficient available funds on your card to cover the security deposit as well as the rental fees. If you prefer, Adobe can process these charges on separate credit cards.

Adobe wants you to enjoy a hassle-vacation vacation. Rest assured, we are happy to deliver your vehicle directly to your hotel. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information at (855) 861-1250 or send us an email at reservas@adobecar.com.


  1. We will be arriving in Alajuela (SJO) on Friday, January 12 at 10:51pm for a 9 day car rental. Is there any way to get a car that late at night? The website won’t let us reserve later than 10:00pm.
    Thank You!

    1. Hello Julie: yes, if you provide the flight information for your arrival, we can meet you at the airport to arrange the shuttle. You can put the arrival time by 10pm and on the comments write the flight information.

  2. Hi,
    can I pick up a car at the cruise ship terminal of Puntarenas?

    Do you do one ways? Will there be an additional fee?
    e.g. Puntarenas City and drop at LIR Airport.

    Thanks for your feedback.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Oliver. Our reservations department will be contacting you in order to give you all the details, but yes, you can rent the car and we also accept one ways.

    1. Hi Krista. Yes we do, if it´s at least 3 days rental or more. We will contact you in order to help you with your need.

  3. I would like to get a quote for renting a car/SUV with AWD or 4WD on April 9 and having it delivered to Adventure Inn hotel in San Jose and we would return it from Adventure Inn on April 15. We’d like the full insurance coverage. Thank you.

  4. I would like information and pricing on Adobe car rental-I would like to have a vehicle (5 passenger) for rental from March 30th to be dropped of at Rio Perdido, and returned on April 5 at the Liberia airport. Could I please receive a quote for this service? Thank you!

  5. We will be staying in St Mateo from the 9th March to 12th March.
    Am i able to have the car delivered and picked up? we need 5 passenger car.

    1. Hi Paaras. Yes. We can deliver there, but there could be drop off fees, depending on the exact address. We are sending your information so our Reservations department can contact you in order to coordinate all the details.

  6. We are staying at Rio Celeste Hideaway. What is the cost to deliver a car to this location. We would like to return it to Liberia airport. Is that possible?
    We need a 5 passenger car. Thank you

    1. Hi Dawn. Yes, this is possible, but it would depend on our car availability. We passed your information to our Reservations department so they can help you with the details.

    1. Hello Craig: there is no fee to deliver at Villa del Sueño. We charge only if the car is returned in a different area or location.

  7. If I rent a car from Adobe, can you deliver to my airbnb rental in Las Fortunas?

    OR… if my flight arrives at 11:30pm, can you provide transportation to my car to the SJO airport that late?

    1. Hello Christian: we can arrange the delivery in Fortuna for an extra costs of $ 30. As per the late arrival, if you provide the flight information we can meet you at that time at the airport to bring you to our offices.

  8. I’m interested in renting a car and having it delivered to my hotel (Bosque Del Mar in Playa Hermosa). Would there be an additional charge for this? We are planning on renting the car August 5th – August 11th.
    Thanks in advance! Sarah

    1. Hello Sarah: sure, we can deliver at Bosque del Mar . We will send you a quote to your email.

  9. Hi
    I have made a reservation and I want to have my car delivered to my hotel PIBI Boreal in Alejuela
    Is it possible ?

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