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Adobe, your Pet Friendly car rental!

Family vacations are back! And that often means traveling with the whole package – cats and dogs included. Now, more than ever, visitors to Costa Rica want their four legged companions to join in on the adventure. 

It’s not just single travelers or individuals with special needs who want their pets to ride along. More and more people are looking for pet friendly hotels, tours, and vehicle rentals when planning their next trip.


Are pets allowed in rental cars?

It’s not easy to find pet friendly rental car agencies. Especially in a foreign country. 

Many major rental companies have strict policies that allow service pets only. And many charge outrageous cleaning fees. Even for a rental car in clean condition. 

We at Adobe Rent a Car We welcome service animals – AS WELL AS the family furball. We want our customers to have the best vacation possible. So our pet friendly policy extends across all our rental vehicle models and makes.


Adobe car rental pet friendly Costa Rica

At Adobe pets are allowed in rental vehicles without having to pay additional fees. Renters are responsible for any damages to the car, however. This includes damages caused by pets and people alike. 

We ask that you let us know if your pet(s) will be joining when you make your reservation. We’ll provide you with a protective backseat cover for your rental. We also suggest you read the following tips to make renting a car pet friendly and avoid any unnecessary complications.


Tips for driving with your pet in a rental car 

  • Always use a seat cover to protect the vehicle from scratches, dirt, hair, mud or other liquids. Many Adobe customers bring additional blankets to cover exposed upholstery like the front passenger seat or SUV cargo space. 
  • Grooming your pet ahead of time will minimize shedding and help protect the car’s interior from scratches.
  • While driving, it’s best to secure your pet with a seatbelt or leash to avoid injuries from sudden stops or turns. Especially on road trips.
  • Make frequent stops. Anticipate your pet’s needs by making frequent stops. Not only will the added exercise help keep you and your pet calm, you’ll avoid any messy accidents in the rental. 
  • Bring your pets favorite toy. Long trips can get boring at times. Bringing a favorite toy, electronic device, or book is a good idea for all passengers.  
  • Many travelers prefer their pets to ride in a special carrier or crate. Carriers help to ensure the pet’s safety and keep the vehicle clean.
  •  Keep your pet clean and dry if possible. In the event of rain, dry your pet off with a towel before entering the rental car.


If your rental is especially dirty 

In the event a vehicle is full of hair or pet odor we recommend customers have it cleaned before they return their rental car.

Costa Rica has an abundance of local car washes companies. Ask your hotel’s concierge for the closest car wash before returning your rental. Remove any excess hair to avoid cleaning or detailing charges.

If the rental is returned especially dirty or smelly (pets, tobacco, or fish odors) Adobe will charge a $100 + VAT cleaning fee. Additional charges may apply.    


Adobe’s vehicle security deposit 

All Adobe renters must make a mandatory vehicle security deposit. The deposit is made using a valid credit card from a major carrier such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. 

The standard Adobe Rent a Car security deposit is $1,000. Any fees, fines, or additional charges incurred during the rental period will be deducted from this amount. 

This includes any damages caused by a passenger or pet during the rental agreement period. That’s why we recommend following the steps above for a hassle free, pet-friendly rental experience.


Does Adobe’s Extended Protection insurance coverage cover pet damage?

No, our Adobe Supplemental Protection Plan (SPP) is a comprehensive coverage that ensures your safety and security are covered. However, any pet-related damages are not covered in our SPP. They will be deducted from the vehicle security deposit described above.


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