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Adobe Rent a Car Tackles Your Coronavirus Concerns with SAFETY FIRST!

We obtained the Safe Travels Stamp

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) evaluated the protocols developed by the ICT (Tourism Board) and the private sector to keep travelers safe when visiting our country, reason why we are using the Safe Travels stamp.

This provides a guarantee, both to foreign and national tourists, that sanitary measures such as the application of physical distancing, the use of masks, social bubbles and hand washing, among others, are complied with.

This seal includes a regular review by the authorities to make sure the companies are doing all the measures, that is why in our last evaluation our San José office had a score of 100 and our Alajuela office had a 98, reaffirming our commitment to your safety.

What is the New Normal when traveling? 

The coronavirus has made all of us uneasy about leaving the safety of our homes and communities. The fear of an unseen and dangerous contagion is on everybody’s minds, especially when the thought of traveling to a foreign country arises.

It’s true, every country and government has responded differently to the reality of COVID-19. And some far better than others, even in Central America.

Fortunately, we here in Costa Rica are proud to say that because of the government’s proactiveness, the population has one of the lowest coronavirus contagion rates in the entire world.

Costa Rica, where Latin America’s first COVID-19 case was reported, is one of the most successful nations in the fight against the coronavirus.


Its infection and death rates are lower than that of New Zealand

World Economic Forum

Yes, that’s right! Because of our government’s timely response to the pandemic – acting fast BEFORE the virus entered national territory, Costa Rica has emerged as a global leader for keeping COVID-19 under control.

Nonetheless, it’s totally normal to be concerned when traveling. That’s why we at Adobe Rent a Car want to address all of your questions and concerns BEFORE you leave the comfort and security of your home.


Common COVID-19 questions from travelers:

What measures are businesses in Costa Rica taking to protect their clients?

What are the protocols Adobe is following to ensure my safety when I rent a car?

Preventative Health Measures implemented nationwide by the Ministry of Health and the Costa Rica Tourism Board  

The following measures were established under the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Framework, Executive Decree 42227-MP-S, to ensure that the reopening of the tourism sector, and rental car agencies, in particular, is gradual and secure.

Adobe’s administrative staff are responsible for ensuring company-wide compliance with the COVID-19 prevention and containment measures defined by the government. Their commitment to the wellbeing of employees, clients, service providers, and third parties is a top priority.

We at Adobe Rent a Car adhere to the defined principles of ethical conduct related to the pandemic. These principles include:

  •         Accountability.
  •         Transparency.
  •         Ethical behavior.
  •         Collaboration with stakeholders.
  •         Respect for the principle of legality.
  •         Respect for human rights.

Business guidelines for operations during the coronavirus pandemic

Our customers should know exactly what we at Adobe Rent a Car are doing to keep our clients and staff safe. The following is a list of our “behind the scenes” actions against the coronavirus pandemic.

All FRONTLINE administrative personnel must incorporate:

  1. The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent exposure to the Coronavirus.
  2. The daily monitoring of worker’s health.
  3. Clear communications with tourists regarding the continuation of services.
  4. The application of social distancing measures by staff.
  5. Interaction/communication with service providers through non-personal channels, i.e., email, video meetings, etc.
  6. Restricting the number of individuals permitted in closed spaces such as elevators, transportation, waiting areas, etc.
  7. The intensification of cleaning measures, especially for surfaces that are touched frequently.
  8. The visible and accessible placement of protocol guidelines that show the proper methods for washing hands and sneezing, as well as other health recommendations, such as to avoid touching the face. These guidelines should be available in an additional (common) language and understandable by the general public.
  9. That all public toilets are properly disinfected and have access to toilet paper, antibacterial soap, alcohol gel, and disposable towels for drying hands.
  10. Guarantee that kitchen, maintenance, security, and cleaning staff have access to PPE (non-surgical gloves and cloth or plastic masks) as well as guidance for its correct usage.
  11. Maintain personnel informed about national COVID-19 developments according to official sources, such as the Ministry of Health and the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).
  12. Establishing a verbal and written communication channel with tourists (in common languages) to alert the corresponding health agencies and contact line #1322 if possible contagion or close contact with an infected person occurs.

Renting a vehicle in uncertain times

Measures the Adobe agents and staff will take before handing over your rental car

Our team of professional bilingual agents is well versed in the COVID-19 guidelines and protocols issued by the Ministry of Health. When making your reservation, you will be provided with information regarding these protocols and the measures in place to ensure your wellbeing.

First off, your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized following Adobe’s strict disinfection protocol and using the authorized cleaning supplies. The car will then undergo a second disinfection process before being picked up by the customer. And rest assured, Adobe staff will always exercise social distancing when interacting with customers, suppliers, and other staff.

The Adobe vehicle pick-up and drop-off process 

Renting a vehicle from Adobe Rent a Car is still a straightforward and simple process. Customers and Adobe staff alike will find that complying with COVID-19 health and safety protocols is easy. Health protocols and recommendations in different languages will be posted around each Adobe office, and a copy of the official guidelines will be available in your rental car.

Before a rental request is accepted, Adobe will inform clients about the government decreed COVID-19 prevention measures and conditions of compliance that are required.

For example, When preparing for the vehicle pick up, the Adobe agent will wear PPE and use a disinfection kit of disposable wipes, disinfectants, and alcohol gel to prepare the car. PPE will also be used by the agent delivering or receiving the vehicle.

Picking up your Adobe rental:

It’s possible that your temperature will be taken upon entering the Adobe premises.

Customers will be encouraged to pay for their rental using electronic means, such as the online secure payment platform or contact-free credit/debit card processing.

Please remember that:

  1. Customers and Adobe staff should remain at least 1.8 meters apart.
  2. The Adobe agent will ask you to put your driver’s license and credit/debit card on the hood of the vehicle or other flat surface for collection.
  3. In turn, the agent will leave a copy of the contract on the hood of the vehicle or other flat surface to be retrieved by the customer. The Adobe agent will always disinfect their hands before and after touching any documents, keys, or other rental items such as car seats, coolers, or GPS devices.

Customers displaying flu-like symptoms will be directed to call the 1322 COVID Hotline for instructions on where they can be seen by a doctor and tested for the virus.

The Adobe agent will exercise extreme caution while attending the customer, and:

  • Attend the customer outside of the Adobe premises.
  • Use additional PPE (gloves and a face shield) when processing the rental.

Returning your Adobe rental:

It’s possible that your temperature will be taken upon entering the Adobe premises.

Clients will be informed in advance about the prevention and disinfection process for vehicle returns.

Customers will be encouraged to pay for their rental using electronic means, such as the online secure payment platform or contact-free credit/debit card processing.

Please remember that:

  1. Customers and Adobe staff should remain at least 1.8 meters apart.
  2. Customers should leave the car keys and other rented items such as GPS devices on the front driver’s seat.

Responsibilities of the Client

When you, the client, receive your reservation confirmation, it will include a disclaimer with additional information about the prevention measures Adobe Rent a Car is taking to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Just like we ask our employees and service providers, we at Adobe Rent a Car ask that customers do not enter the premises if they have virus symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, fever, or trouble breathing.

Every customer, visitor, or service provider must also disinfect their hands by washing them, followed by alcohol gel (either at the entrance or in the bathrooms before entering the installations).

Staff, customers, visitors, and service providers must also respect social distancing parameters of at least 1.8 meters in addition to following “traffic” indicators, such as separate entrance and exits, as well as markers on the floor/chairs indicating permitted standing and sitting areas.

What happens if Adobe staff have been exposed to or infected by COVID-19?

We at Adobe Rent a Car have strict guidelines to follow if we suspect that one of our staff has been exposed to or is infected with the coronavirus.

The following is a detailed list of actions Adobe management will take if the situation arises:

Suspected exposure to COVID-19

The following Costa Rican Ministry of Health guidelines are for individuals with respiratory or suspicious symptoms that may, or may not, be related to COVID-19 infection. 


  1. Individuals demonstrating respiratory symptoms should: 
  • Stay home.
  • Call 1322 for guidance.
  • Report their condition to Adobe’s Department of Human Resources and Occupational Health and go to the nearest health center for diagnosis.
  1. If the person has been diagnosed as a “suspicious case” of COVID-19 by a doctor, they must:
  • Enter into home isolation for the number of days indicated by the doctor/Ministry of Health.
  • Comply with official “isolation” guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health
  1. Adobe’s Department of Human Resources and Occupational Health will:
  • Maintain close communication with the individual to monitor their health status.
  • Inform the corresponding health department governing the area and follow the established protocol.
  • Provide a list of people with whom the worker had contact with for more than 15 minutes and within a distance of less than 1.8 m in the previous 14 days.
  • Initiate cleaning and disinfection of potentially contaminated areas.
  1. In the event an individual is confirmed infected with COVID-19, Adobe will:
  • Follow the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health and the CCSS.
  • Immediately activate the cleaning and disinfection procedure for all potential contamination sites, as well as common areas that might have been visited in the workplace.
  • Initiate the collection of direct contacts to be sent to the Ministry of Health.
  • Protect the identity of affected individuals and ensure the confidentiality of information gathered.
  1. Reinstatement of the affected person(s) will be carried out following the medical discharge issued by the CCSS. Notwithstanding, the Department of Occupational Health will continue to monitor the situation and parties involved.


The peace of mind you’ll get knowing that Adobe cares about your wellbeing is priceless!


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