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Adobe Rent a Car Review: What Customers are Saying

What do our customers say about our service?

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We are proud of our business: proud of our fleet and proud of the service we offer. And when we are given feedback regarding our performance, we take it very seriously. This is a true copy of an actual car rental review sent by a grateful customer via email:

“I believe this was our fourth time renting from Adobe and each time has been a very good experience for us. We always receive a confirmation of our booking and the price we end up paying has always been exactly what has been quoted to us. No hidden fees and very friendly service. We speak limited Spanish and there is always an English-speaking representative at the counter to greet us.

We usually rent a 4 x 4, but this time we decided to rent a car (Hyundai Accent) to save a little money since we weren’t going to be on the backgrounds this time exploring.

As it turned it out, this was not our best decision.

The first thing we noticed is that the brakes began making an awful noise – metal on metal noise. We quickly realized that we needed to get the vehicle back to Adobe and have them look at it as we didn’t feel safe driving the vehicle up and down some of the hilly terrain. We took the car back the very next morning.

After an inspection by Adobe they agreed that the car needed some maintenance and said that they would have another vehicle ready for us shortly. In the meantime, one of your representatives personally escorted us to a nearby cafe and made sure that we were all looked after. I thought this was a very nice gesture. We enjoyed our breakfast and upon return were told that our replacement vehicle was ready. To our surprise we were given a 4×4 AWD vehicle (what we normally rented in previous years) and were told that there would be no extra charge for the rental due to our inconvenience of having to bring the first one back.

The rest of our trip was wonderful and we really appreciated the upgrade to the 4×4.

We just enjoy Costa Rica because it as a wonderful place to come and relax. The people are very friendly and the climate suits us perfectly. We typically stay at a higher elevation where there is very little humidity, still nice and warn during the day, but it cools off so nicely in the evening.

Not only do we highly recommend Adobe but my next email will be booking another vehicle it Adobe for our trip in March 2018!

Vancouver Island, BC. Canada”

Your feedback is important to us

We work hard at keeping our fleet in tip-top shape. We also care about our customer’s well-being, and their satisfaction is key. When users write an Adobe Rent a Car review, we see it as an opportunity to make amends or to know everything is in working order. Of course, we thoroughly appreciate great reviews, but we also act upon bad reviews to make things better. Nothing that goes wrong stays wrong, and we go out of our way to make it right.

On the other hand, reviews go a long way in guiding a customer. They rely on them. Either to feel safe with other people’s experience or shy away from that business. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the customer’s way of helping each other weed out the bad.

And yes, every time we get a positive Adobe Rent a Car review such as this one… well, we do get that warm feeling inside and we do want to share it with you. Can you blame us?

For more information, or if you’d like to write an Adobe Rent a Car review email us at You can also give us a call at 855-861-1250. We’ll be thrilled to help you out!

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