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Travel Guru TV chooses Adobe for its Driving in Costa Rica debut! 

The renowned UK travel show, Travel Guru TV, with Cathy Bartrop and her husband Peter, recently filmed two hit travel videos about the ins and outs of driving in Costa Rica. 

Not surprisingly they chose Adobe as their rental company of choice. Join us to explore travel Guru’s tips for driving in the land of Pura Vida.

This episode is titled Driving in Costa Rica, 10 tips by Travelguru.tv, and has aired internationally on streaming channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others. 

Preparing for a Costa Rica road trip with Travel Guru TV

Cathy and Peter started their journey at our Adobe car rental in San Jose. Their plan was to spend a full three weeks exploring the Pacific Coast from north to south. 

They chose Adobe because of our extensive national coverage, customer service, and great cars. With 14 full-service offices across the country and a 24/7 roadside assistance full coverage option, Adobe is an extremely convenient rental car agency, they noted.

Like most British visitors, the Bartrops started their adventure in the Capital, San Jose. They visited popular monuments and attractions before heading north into the countryside.

The Adobe agent recommended they drive an all-terrain vehicle for its improved traction and clearance. They chose a 4WD Hyundai Tucson Superior and were pleased with the car’s 4WD performance. 

Renting a car in Costa Rica

To book a rental car in Costa Rica “…is a nice simple process with a nice car,” said Cathy. They also opted for satellite navigation (GPS) and portable Wi-Fi devices. 

Costa Rica road signs can be a little confusing. Using a navigational GPS device or app is essential for getting around.

Adobe’s internet hot spots are a favorite among travelers because they make connecting to useful apps like Waze and Google Maps easy. They’re also portable and can link up to five devices at once. 

Travel Guru’s first tip for viewers was about Costa Rican speed limits and speeding. Posted limits are 60 kmh on highways, 40 kmh in town, and 25 kmh in school and hospital zones. 

Police checkpoints are random and are usually to ensure driver and vehicle permits are up to date. Besides keeping you safe, obeying the law is the way to go. Fines for speeding or illegal passing are expensive. 

Road conditions in Costa Rica

Travel Guru found that the road conditions in populated areas are generally pretty good. But the mountains and rural areas in Costa Rica are a different story. 

Take it steady was their top advice, unexpected hazards are surprisingly common. Take hanging bridges, potholes, river crossings, and one-lane bridges for example.

Rural areas have mostly gravel or dirt roads. Heavy rain and fog are regular occurrences in the mountains. And during the rainy season, some streets get  washed out with debris.

But like Cathy said, the best approach is to take it slow, steady, and expect delays. 

Unlike in the UK and the US, Costa Rica’s roads are rarely more than two lanes wide. Getting stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle at least once on a road trip should be expected. 

What you need to rent a car in Costa Rica

All Costa Rica car rental companies are different. To rent with Adobe you will need to comply with the following easy and straightforward requirements: 

First off, renters need a valid driver’s license from their home country that has been issued for at least two years. International driver s licenses are only required if a license is written in a different alphabet. 

You will also need a major credit card to cover the vehicle deposit and pay for the rental. Debit cards are accepted for the rental payment, but conditions apply. 

Third person liability car rental insurance in Costa Rica is mandatory and is added to the bill as a daily rate. Another form of vehicle coverage known as CDW or LDW is also required. You can learn more about car rental coverage here

Driving in Costa Rica is Pura Vida says Travel Guru TV!

The cost of fuel (petrol) was pleasantly lower than in the UK, according to the Bartrops. Overall, they found Costa Rica to be a pricey country to visit but well worth the cost.

Cathy added general safety tips like parking in guarded lots and keeping personal valuables out of sight when leaving the rental vehicle unattended. 

Both Cathy and Peter agreed their Costa Rica road trip was a great success. Despite being a small country, there is so much to do and see and they left Costa Rica with hopes of returning soon. Pura Vida, Costa Rica!

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