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The Transparency of a Car Rental Quote: Hidden Fees

Have you ever noticed when you request a quote from a car rental company that the amount set in the quote rarely matches what you end up paying for? This happens because most car rental companies will send you a quote without what we in the industry call hidden fees.

What are hidden fees?

Hidden fees are pretty common in Costa Rica car rentals, most companies do not offer complete quotes when you contact them, but rather provide you with “basic charges” in that quote.

However, when you get to the counter to pick up the vehicle, they proceed to explain about other costs such as insurances and additional fees. These fees need to be added to the final bill, and the worst part: they are “mandatory”.

What is included in a quote by Adobe Rent a Car?

We like to be transparent. Adobe Rent a Car automatically includes all mandatory fees in their quotations.

Keep in mind that there are additional insurances and non-mandatory options you can select such as car and Extended Protection, GPS, Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, baby seat and booster, racks and more.

If you wish to request any of these additional items, don’t forget to tell our reservations agent to include it in your quote.

What about other Car Rentals?

While Adobe includes everything that is mandatory in their quotes, other companies only show the basic rate. This gives clients the impression of getting a much lower rate at another car rental.

When the client sees both quotes, they think Adobe is more expensive (because they are comparing to an incomplete quote without any of the mandatory fees.)

What are mandatory fees?

By law, the only thing that is really mandatory is the Liability Insurance (PLI). Nobody is supposed to drive a car in Costa Rica without third party liability insurance (personal car or rental car). This fee makes quite a difference in the rate. Additional fees charged aren’t mandatory by law, but mandatory to rent with that specific rent a car.

Should I be aware of any other charges sold as “Mandatory”?

Yes! We’ve seen other car rental companies adding license plate fees, environmental fees and airport fees as mandatory. They’ll hide these fees until you get to the counter, unless you ask them to include them in your quote.

Adobe Rent a Car does not charge ANY of the fees mentioned above. We quote absolutely everything that’s mandatory, this way the client knows exactly how much the final price is going to be when they pick up the vehicle.

How can I avoid being tricked into Hidden Fees?

Always ask the car rental company to include every single fee and insurance that’s mandatory in their quote. This way you will be able to compare rates properly and avoid having a negative surprise later on.

Will the basic insurance be enough?

Keep in mind that Costa Rica has tons of mountains and valleys, difficult roads, tiny curves and pot holes. Also, the way we drive may be very different than what you’re used to.

We recommend you get Extended Protection to get fully covered in the case of an accident or emergency. Also, when you buy this insurance you also get 24/7 road assistance, at no extra costs, which is great!

Contact us today at 1 (855) 861-1250 or email us at info@adobecar.com. We will happy to send you a full quote for your car in Costa Rica.

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