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Adobe’s Costa Rica 4×2 car rental

As you plan your next trip to Costa Rica, there are a couple of important decisions to should make early on. For starters, as you research the places you want to visit, make sure you consider how you’re going to get there.

Say you decide to visit La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano in the central lowlands. Then you plan to travel to Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast and visit the Manuel Antonio National Park. And as the last stop you choose a hike up the Poas Volcano in the Central Valley.

It sounds like a great time. But how are you going to get to each destination without spending all of your time on the road?

In country flights can get you close to these attractions. But then you’ll need to take a taxi for the final leg of the trip. Add up the multiple flights and taxi fares, and there goes your vacation budget.

Private and shared shuttle services can get you to each of these locations too. But once you’re there and the shuttle has left, how will you get around from there? Your only options are taxis or public transportation. The former can be pricey, and the latter is very time consuming.


Driving in Costa Rica 

There’s no doubt about it. Renting a car in Costa Rica is the best way to go. Especially when you want to visit multiple attractions. 

Now, determining what type of car best fits your group size and travel plans is your next step. 

At Adobe Rent a Car there are plenty of vehicle makes and models to choose from. The most popular of our rental cars are the 4×2 car rental, Costa Rica. 


Thinking about what types of cars to rent

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when driving in Costa Rica is the roads. If you’re planning a road trip full of off-the-beaten-track destinations, you’ll need a 4×4 vehicle. 

Costa Rica’s rural areas and beach towns often have dirt roads, and the going can be steep and rough. The added power and clearance of a 4WD vehicle will come in handy.

However, many popular places like San Jose, La Fortuna, Manuel Antonio, and the larger beach towns require only a sedan or 2WD car. The compact car: Hyundai i10 is a great example.


4×2 renting a car in Costa Rica

Although not a compact SUV rental, our Geely GX3 2WD SUV is a great car for getting around Costa Rica. Because of its economy class, the GX3 is a favorite for couples, single travelers, or two friends.

Our Adobe GX3 is offered with automatic transmission. And although this car is a four-door model we feel that it’s most comfortable for two passengers with two pieces of luggage in the cargo space. Much like the Ssangyong Korando.

Don’t take this car over rugged terrain or you may run into problems. Remember that the Geely GX3 has the same clearance as a sedan and it is not a 4×4.

Another Adobe favorite is the Hyundai Venue 2WD. This automatic transmission intermediate SUV has plenty of power to navigate steep terrain as long as four wheel drive traction is not necessary. It packs lots of room for passengers in the front and back seatsWe recommend this car for three passengers and three pieces of luggage. 


What if you need a bigger car?

At Adobe Rent a Car we have a big selection of full size cars and SUVs to choose from. We also have multipax and cargo vehicles.

For groups of more than four passengers, our most trusted vehicle is the full size SUV 4×4 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Its automatic transmission and driver assistance safety features make it easy to drive. 

Adobe’s Mitsubishi Montero Sport has a diesel engine, which makes it fuel efficient. And with three rows of seats, five passengers and their extra gear will feel at home. And there’s even room for six pieces of luggage in the back. 

Next up is our Premium SUV, the 4WD Ford Explorer, or similar. This luxurious seven-seater, automatic transmission powerhouse is smooth to ride and can fit five to seven passengers easily. This model is a top pick in its class for its sleek design, roomy interior, and state-of-the-art infotainment system.

What’s more? At Adobe, we also offer a selection of pickup trucks, passenger vans, and cargo vehicles to our clients. For more information, please speak with an Adobe customer service agent and let us find the vehicle(s) that best fits your needs. 


Tips for renting with Adobe

Costa Rica is growing in popularity among tourists and international businesses. We recommend that our clients reserve their vehicle(s) as early as possible to ensure availability. 

Costa Rica’s peak tourist seasons are between December and April and July to August. During these periods the availability of our compact SUVs and other popular models cannot be guaranteed.  

Try to reserve your vehicle at least two to three months ahead of the high season. The dates spanning Christmas and New Year’s are our busiest so if you have a specific model and make of car in mind reserve a few months ahead to secure your space. 


Adobe, Costa Rica’s oldest and biggest car rental company


By renting from Adobe you’re choosing a 100% Costa Rican owned company with over thirty years of experience under its belt. Our promise is no hidden fees and a guaranteed streamlined service – always. 

What’s more? We have 14 full-service Adobe offices strategically located throughout Costa Rica. We’re always nearby if you have a question, need guidance, or a helping hand. 

Your safety is our priority. And our comprehensive vehicle insurance packages are tailored to meet your needs and provide the best national coverage available.  

We promise no surprises on your credit card when you get home. Customer safety and satisfaction are our biggest priorities.


  1. hello i am hoping to rent a small svr economy for 2-3 people thinking about August 24 to September 1 -do you have availability? thank you

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