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Car Rental San Jose Airport in Costa Rica

Adobe Rent a Car is your Best Rental Option When Flying into the San José Airport in Costa Rica

If you are traveling to Costa Rica then most likely you will be flying into one of the country’s two international airports. The main airport is in San José Province, Airport Code: SJO, and the smaller international airport is in Guanacaste Province, Airport Code: LIR.

Airlines from all over the world fly into Costa Rica, but the majority arrive from other Central and South American countries, the United States, and Europe.

Aeromexico American Edelweiss Southwest WestJet
Air Canada Avianca Iberia Spirit Others
Air France British Airways InterJet SWISS
Air Panama Copa KLM United
Alaska Delta Latam Volaris


Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) in Alajuela

Our Adobe Rent a Car SJO Airport office and the SJO Airport are both located in Alajuela, only 17 km from downtown San José. We are also the largest car rental agency in all of Costa Rica, and our airport office is less than five minutes from the airport gates.

Adobe Car Rental Airport

Adobe Rent a Car Airport Office

Adobe Rent a Car’s SJO Airport Office address and contact information:

1.4 km east of Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Calle Segundo Road, Alajuela.

Toll-free from the U.S. or Canada: 1(855) 861-1250; Costa Rica: + (506) 2442-2422; WhatsApp: + (506) 8494-5956; E-mail:

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday, from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. local time.

How do I get from the Juan Santamaria Airport to the closest Adobe Rent a Car Office?

The hard part of your trip is over once you’ve landed in Costa Rica! After departing the aircraft, follow the airport signs to the Immigration, Baggage Claim, and Customs areas. Once you’ve claimed your luggage proceed to the airport exit. Upon exiting, you will be greeted by an Adobe representative holding a sign with your party’s name on it. The Adobe representative will take you to the Adobe Shuttle Bus, assist you with your luggage, and take you to the Adobe Rent a Car Office nearby.

What is required to rent a car from Adobe Rent a Car in San José?

Renting a vehicle from Adobe Rent a Car is always straightforward and hassle-free. When you arrive at our Adobe Rent a Car SJO Airport Office one of our agents will meet you and lead you through the car rental process.

You will need:

  1. A valid driver’s license from your home country.
  2. A valid credit card from a major card provider (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express).
  3. Your passport with a valid Costa Rica immigration stamp (three-month tourist visa).

Once your Adobe agent has processed your personal information and credit card you will be asked to choose the best insurance coverage to fit your needs and sign the required documentation. The Adobe agent will inform you about the recommended emergency procedures in case you need assistance during your travels. You will also be given a list of emergency numbers and the address and contact information for all of Adobe’s 16 offices strategically located throughout the country. Last but not least, you’ll be given a complimentary map of Costa Rica and taken to your rental car. Together with the Adobe agent, a routine check of the vehicle will be performed to identify any pre-existing damages.

The Adobe 24/7 Emergency Hotline serving all of Costa Rica is: +(506) 2542 4888.

Rest assured that your Adobe Rent a Car vehicle will be in prime condition. Our extensive fleet of sedans, 4WD, and SUV vehicles are all under 24-months old and expertly maintained!

We at Adobe Rent a Car recommend that you reserve your rental car ahead of time at:

Car Rental Airport Office

Although we do accept walk-in rental requests, we cannot guarantee that your choice of vehicle will be available if you have not pre-reserved.


  1. Hello,
    My family and I are interested in renting an suv from you for a week in April. Our plane isn’t expected to arrive until 10:06 pm in San Jose. What are your recommendations for how to get the rental vehicle from you, since your website states that your office will be closed. We’re staying the night we arrive in San Jose as well, close to the airport. Will we need to wait until the next day for you to bring the vehicle to us or can we make arrangements to get it the night we land?

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you for contacting us. Our office is very close to the airport terminal. We offer our clients complimentary reception and shuttle service to and from the airport and our office.
      If you give us your flight number, an Adobe representative will be waiting for you at the airport exit at the adjusted arrival time provided by your airline, also in case of a flight delayed.

  2. Hello, I’ve read in these conversations that you deliver the rented Car also to the Hotel, free of Charge. Are you offering this great service also the other way round i.e. picking the Car up at a Hotel in San Jose ?

    Muchos Gracias !

    1. Hello Andreas: right, we provide delivery and pick up from hotels. You can contact us in case you require further information. Kind regards!

    1. Hello Sabrina: as long as you provide the flight information, we can monitoring the arrival and wait for you.

  3. I have rented a car in Liberia. Is it possible that I give it back in St.Juan ?

    DOC # 670,448

    BKG # 980,575

    Thank you for a positive answer.

    Peter Schaetz

  4. We have to bring our car at San Jose airport tomorrow around 05.00/05.30. How do we get to the airport after?!

  5. Hello! I arrive into SJO at 11.25 AM flying with Spirit (Flight NK335).

    I see the car rental office is far from the terminal. Is there a shuttle I can take to the office or have someone meet me with the car?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Cian, yes, we provide the shuttle from the airport terminal to our offices. When you make the booking, put the flight information so we can arrange the pick up at the terminal.

    2. Hi Cian. Yes. Our collaborator with blue uniform will be outside the terminal waiting for your party. You must turn right when exiting the airport terminal. This collaborator is permanently at the airport for the meet and greet, so you should have no problem.

  6. Hello,
    What is the earliest time the Adobe rental closest to SJO airport open on Saturdays? Your website says 8am but we fly into SJO at 6am and were hoping to rent a car much earlier (by 7am) instead of having to wait two hours. Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Hello: the office located near SJO airport open from 5 am to 10pm. If you provide the flight information, we meet you at the airport to bring you to our offices.

  7. Hello, we are booking with a travel agency & it comes with a rental from you guys. However, our plane lands at 10:42 PM July 7, 2022. we were hoping we can pick up the next day because we don’t want to drive at night. Is this allowed? Thanks.

    1. Hi Delilah: sure. No problem at all. We can deliver the car to your hotel free of charge. Just let us know your reservation number, so our Reservations department can make the adjustments. They will be contacting you by e-mail in order to coordinate all the details.

  8. Hello. We are returning our rental car tomorrow, 4/17/22, before our flight home. My husband just had major neck surgery and can’t walk very far. We will be pressed on time so can we ensure that he can get an immediate ride to terminal, around 10:30 am? Thank you for your help!!

  9. Hi there, I will be flying into SJO on July 20th, around 7am. I am hoping to get a quote or possibly set up a rental now? I am in need of a 4×4 vehicle if possible. Thank you in advance

    Alex Martinez

  10. Hello,
    we are not coming to Costa Rica until next year in March, but we would like to rent a car from you and maybe you can make us a good offer already now?

    We arrive in St Jose on 02 March 2023 at approx 7:00 PM and leave again on 04.04.2023 at approx 7:00 PM.

    We are looking for a car of the category Suzuki Jimny or possibly also a car of the category Daihatsu Bego.

    We are looking forward to your offer.

    Best regards

    1. Hi. Sure. Our reservations department will be contacting you in order to give you a quote. Thank you and hope you have a nice trip in Costa Rica

  11. We are needing to rent a car for 4 people for 10/30-11/06/22 out of San Jose airport. Could you provide me with a cost for a car and SUV?

    Thank you,

  12. We’re looking for a rental car for the dates of 05/24/2022-05/29/2022. We need a automatic 7-8 passenger car rental, is there any way your company can help us / provide us with a quote for a rental for these dates.

  13. Hi, what is the latest time of day we are able to drop off our car if we bring it back 2 days before our flight back home? Also would you be able to provide a cab back to our hotel in San Jose for the night?

    1. Hello Brandon: you can return the car directly in your hotel. The latest we pick up is at 4:30pm.

  14. I need to return my rental car before flying out of SJO airport. How do I do this and where is the closest office. Our depart flight is 12:14 pm on Wednesday

    1. Hello: you return the car in our office located 1.5 Km east from the Holiday Inn Express hotel and we provide the shuttle to the airport terminal.

  15. Hello,
    We will take shuttle service from fortuna to Monteverde on 3/12, and stay in this area until 3/14, can we rent 2 car or 1 van for 8 people during our stay from you?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Danielle, we are on a high season and so far we are fully booked for those require dates.

  16. Hello,
    We are arriving into the San Jose airport at 11:45 pm. Do you recommend booking a hotel nearby with an airport shuttle and then coming to your office in the morning or do you have any other tips? Thank you.

    1. Hi: yes, it is suggested that in that case, you pick the car the next morning after the arrival.

  17. We have a flight to Panama Monday February 14, 2022, 8:36 AM from SAN JOSE(SJO). At what time should we be dropping our rental car to get to the airport for our flight? Thanks.

    1. Hi Duane. Usually you should arrive to the airport 2 hours before your flight. Consider at least 20 minutes the car return, so around 6 pm would be a good hour. We open at 5 am, so after that hour you can return the car anytime.

  18. Hi,
    I rented a car between February 10th and 15th and read about some driving bans on the site. Does this also apply to rental cars and can I then only use my rental car to a limited extent?

  19. We’re looking for a rental car for the dates of 12/20/21 – 12/31/21. We desperately need a rental, is there any way your company can help us with a rental for these dates.

  20. Hi, I need a car ( eg.Toyotä yaris or similar) for 24.dec.- 05.January. PICKUP SHOULD BE THE AIRPORT SAN JOSE….CAN YOU MAKE ME AN OFFER? GREETINGS, GABRIEL

  21. We are in need of a standard Size SUV five passengers from 12/19/21 until 12/28/21 10 am pick up 1p am drop off.

  22. Hi there ,
    We are looking for a vehicle. We arrive Dec. 14 and depart Dec 27 . Can you give me the price for this vehicle rental ? How long is your store open and will someone be able to pick us up by shuttle at the airport if we land at 7pm ?

  23. I need a rental car from December 2 arriving at SJO at 2 pm and returning to SJO on December at around noon for a 3 pm flight. Just two of us and I would like a small cr. Can you Please provide me a quote. thank you.

  24. I would like to rent a car at SJO and drive down the coast of Costa Rica toward Panama, dropping the car off in Costa Rica before entering Panama. My final destination is Boquete Panama. Please advise.

    1. Hello Patricia: you can rent with us to travel in Costa Rica. You can return the car at Paso Canoas Border for an additional fee. Our cars are only to use in the costa rican territory.

  25. Good afternoon.

    We already have a car reservation that was made through our travel agent. We will arrive in San Jose on December 4th at 6:17 p.m. and then we will still have to go through immigration and get our luggage. I would guess this will take 1-2 hrs. Will your shuttle to Adobe still be available and will you still be open so that we can get our rental car at this time? Thank you!

    1. Hello, sure, if you have provided your travel agent the arrival flight information, our representative can meet you at the airport to bring you with the shuttle to our offices.

  26. Hi, I am looking to rent a car to allow us to feed 7 passengers + luggage from November 18 arriving 1:00 pm – 25 departing 1:55 pm(if you can pick up the car in the airport), I want all insurance covered. I don’t want any worries, please also 4wd. Please provide us with a quote, Thank you!!

    1. Hello Lourdes: our Reservation Dpt. will contact you to provide the information about the car rental.

  27. Looking to rent a Yaris 5 speed manual rental car from 10/28 at 2 pm till 11/12 2 pm. I want all insurance covered. I don’t want any worries, please. Please give me a quote, asap. Thank you!!

  28. Hi there ,
    We are looking for a 4wd vehicle for 4 people. We arrive Oct 17 at 7pm at SJO and we depart Oct 31 1230am . Can you give me the price for this vehicle rental ? How long is your store open and will someone be able to pick us up by shuttle at the airport if we land at 7pm ?


  29. Hello,

    I plan on visiting 11/22 (arriving 1:30pm) to 11/26th (departure 3:30am). I will be picking up and dropping off vehicles from the San Jose Location. Looking for 2 standard SUVs. Please email me offers you may have.

    How will I drop the vehicle off at 3:30 am on day of departure. Will the office be open? Is there after-hours drop off? Can car be picked up from the hotel the night before? Please advise.


  30. Good day,
    in 2020 I borrowed a Hyundai Tuscon from you (voucherCN436146628702) and I was very satisfied. I would like to repeat it. Will you have an interesting offer for me?
    car requirements: 4 doors, air conditioning, automatic transmission, 4×4 I do not need.
    Date: 10.2.22 20.00 to 10.3.22 19.30
    Michal Hůša
    Czech Republic

    1. Hello Michal. Thank you for contacting us. Sure, we will send you an offer for your car rental in Costa Rica.

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