Corporate Social Responsibility

Adobe Rent a Car is a company committed to support sustainable development. We work and invest on different areas, to achieve a significant social and environmental influence, particularly in the areas, where we have offices. We are a Carbon Neutral Company, with the Certification for Sustainable Tourism and Blue Flag Ecological Program.

Some of the areas we try to impact positively are: environment, culture, social support, sports and others.

There is a high commitment from all the organization in these aspects, from high management, to the most recent employee. We try to change in our employees, the way they interact with the environment, reflected also in their homes and community.

We have worked in several certifications or awards, which we describe as follows:


Carbon Neutral

In 2011, pursuant to the Declaration on the Verification of Carbon Neutrality, we were verified by the Carbon Neutral Unit of EARTH University, for complying with the criteria of INTE-ISO 14064-1:2006 and INTE B5:2016, according to the concept of Neutrality of CO2 Emissions. In 2018, we renovated this verification, so the Company is Carbon Neutral in all it´s Operations nationwide.


Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST)

Certification for Sustainable Tourism – CST – is a program of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) designed to classify and to differentiate tourism companies according to the extent in which their operation approaches a sustainability model, regarding natural, cultural, and social resources. On this evaluation we achieved the five levels with a score of 100.


Blue Flag Ecological Program (PBAE)

The Blue Flag Ecological Program is an award that is granted yearly, which rewards effort and voluntary work. Besides, it promotes safe competition and community organization for the benefit of present and future generations. During the second year in which we were assessed, we achieved the blue flag of the ecological program with four stars for our central offices in San Jose.  This year, we achieved, 5 out of 5 stars, plus an extra star for the family involvement of employees with the project.

Based on all our awards and certifications, Adobe Rent a Car is an ecological rent a car, with very high eco-friendly standards and a strong commitment with environment.