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Best Car Rental in Costa Rica

Find out why Adobe is Costa Rica’s Best Car Rental Company

We at Adobe Rent a Car promise our clients professional and comprehensive service at reasonable and competitive rates with no hidden fees!

Adobe Car Rental Office
Adobe Car Rental Office

Adobe Rent a Car is Costa Rica’s largest and most trusted car rental agency. Not only are we a 100% Costa Rican Company, we also consider ourselves the pioneers of Costa Rica’s car rental industry. Our first Adobe office was opened in 1990, and since then we’ve enjoyed 29 years of serving Costa Rica’s growing tourism and business industries. In fact, Adobe Rent a Car now has 16 offices strategically located across the country. No matter where your vacation or business needs take you, there will be an Adobe Office nearby.

What’s more, in addition to our dedication to our clients, we are committed to our employees and the environment. Adobe Rent a Car has gone beyond what other rental car agencies are doing by offering sustainable and ecologically-oriented cars and services. We are the proud recipients of the 5 Leaves Certification for Sustainable Tourism—the highest certification level offered by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

We’ve also earned five-star status in Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Ecological Program for Climate Change and Community Service, in addition to achieving Carbon Neutral Status by EARTH University for all of our operations nationwide. We’re even the first Costa Rican car rental agency to offer a Plug-in Hybrid Rental Car!

What makes Adobe Different?

16 Offices Nationwide

At Adobe we strive to give our clients the most efficient and convenient service possible. In addition to our two airport offices, the Juan Santa Maria International Airport in the Alajuela Canton of San José, and the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia, is our headquarter office, located in Barrio Corazón de Jesús in the Capital, San José.

Visitors flying into the northern capital city of Liberia will have a full-service Adobe Office and fleet of impeccable vehicles at their fingertips. The Liberia International Airport (LIR) is conveniently located to serve the north Pacific and Nicoya Peninsula beaches, as well as popular destinations in Guanacaste Province such as the Rincón de la Vieja and Tenorio volcanoes, Rio Celeste and Caño Negro.

For those flying into the San José International Airport (SJO) our Adobe Airport Office is conveniently located to serve the Central Valley and greater Metropolitan Area, as well as the Central and South Pacific Beaches and cities, the Southern Zone, and the Atlantic Coast. In addition to our airport offices and San José headquarters, we have 13 remote offices positioned strategically throughout the country.

When flying in-country, it is likely that you’ll find an Adobe Office nearby your landing site, such as the Quepos and Limon offices. Ask your Adobe agent for details.

Adobe Costa Rica Offices

  • San José
  • La Fortuna
  • Alajuela
  • Grecia
  • Cartago
  • Liberia
  • Ciudad Quesada
  • Quepos
  • Puntarenas
  • Conchal
  • Uvita
  • Limón
  • Puerto Viejo (Limón)
  • Heredia
  • San Pedro
Complimentary Delivery of your Adobe Rent a Car
Complimentary Delivery of your Adobe Rent a Car

Adobe Rent a Car offers complimentary shuttle service to and from Costa Rica’s international airports. When you make your flight reservation, send us a copy of your trip itinerary, including the airline, flight number, and arrival time, and a complimentary Adobe shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport. Our Adobe Airport offices are both located less than ten minutes from the airport gates.

We know that not everyone needs their rental car immediately upon arriving (why pay an extra day?) and many of you come to Costa Rica for business. For these reasons, we offer complimentary rental car delivery service to your hotel or workplace within a 12-mile radius of the airport office. For delivery locations outside of the 12-mile radius, a small additional fee will apply.

If you are flying in-country and need an Adobe vehicle at your final destination, we can have a car waiting for you the moment you touch ground. Otherwise, visit the Adobe Office closest to your destination, and we’ll provide you with an impeccable Adobe car at no additional cost.

Why Rent a car?

There are numerous pros and cons when it comes to renting a car in a foreign country. We at Adobe want you to feel secure and comfortable with your decision – whether it’s renting a vehicle from our comprehensive fleet, or choosing alternative transportation providers to drive you to your destination.

Why rent a car costa rica
Why rent a car costa rica

Nothing beats the freedom you have when renting a car. Leaving when you want and exploring the off-the-beaten-path destinations are two of the top reasons for renting. Many vacationers prefer to make their own schedules when it comes to visiting a new country; because after all, you never know how a place is going to appeal to you and you might want to stay longer. Soaking in a hot spring pool under the steaming Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, catching another wave at Salsa Brava in Puerto Viejo, or going for another hike in search of a Resplendent Quetzal in the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve… all of these reasons and more apply when renting a car in Costa Rica.

Some reasons not to rent a car when traveling

Many people feel uncomfortable with the thought of renting a car in a foreign country, and with good reason. Driving laws and customs may be different abroad, and there’s always the possibility of getting lost. It’s true that in Costa Rica’s laws aren’t always followed as diligently as in other countries, and road signs are fewer and farther between, or even nonexistent. However, these differences are easily overcome when drivers take it slow, drive diligently, and use a GPS or other navigational apps like Google Maps or Waze.

Sometimes getting lost is part of the discovery process and not the end of the world. Costa Rica is a small country and its citizens are notoriously friendly. Nonetheless, if you still have doubts if renting a car is the right option for you, feel free to contact an Adobe Rent a Car bilingual agent to discuss your concerns.

Here’s what others have said about renting a car from Adobe Rent a Car

We at Adobe Rent a Car want to ensure that our clients have the most positive and hassle-free vacation or business engagement possible. We also care what our clients say about our service and their experience renting from us. The following customer testimonials are just a few of the great reviews we at Adobe Rent a Car have received over the years!

Adobe Rent a Car Google Reviews

5 Stars Great Experience. So often in Costa Rica there are hidden fees with car rentals, that is not the case here. The price quoted was the price paid! They delivered the car to my property too, which saved me a taxi fee to the office. I’ll definitely use them again and would recommend them to all!  Great Experience. So often in Costa Rica there are hidden fees with car rentals, that is not the case here. The price quoted was the price paid! They delivered the car to my property too, which saved me a taxi fee to the office. I’ll definitely use them again and would recommend them to all! Michael Greenwald 9/10/2018

5 Stars. We’ve been using Adobe for our friends and guests for years, they are hands down the best rental car company. We have been through them all and there is no one better! Jarrod Guidry 11/30/2018

Adobe Rent a Car TripAdvisor Reviews


Adobe Car Rental…5 Stars! 4 Mar 2018, 4:10 p.m. Sorry for the late comments but life has been busy since we returned to the States. We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica and we appreciate all who contributed to our experience.

Our experience with Adobe was flawless.

Great communication while planning our trip both via email and toll free phone calls. The Adobe staff at Puntarenas waited for us after our luggage was misplaced at the port and once we were reunited with our bags and were able to pass thru the port gates, our car with the Adobe reps was waiting for us.

Lovely, new and clean SUV and bilingual staff to complete our pick-up rental transaction. We brought a copy of rental coverage from our VISA card company that specifically identified coverage in Coast Rica and purchased the other insurance offered by Adobe.

Our car was comfortable and had great cargo space. After 13 days, our car rental return at the Hilton Garden Inn/ Liberia airport was smooth. Gracias Neery.

We hope to return to Costa Rica this year and when we do, our go-to car rental company will be ADOBE!!

Job well done and Muchisimas Gracias to Team Adobe from Steven and Brooke

Rent an Adobe vehicle online in easy steps

Renting a car online with Adobe Rent a Car
Renting a car online with Adobe Rent a Car

Adobe makes renting a car online easy and convenient. Log into and enter your rental dates and vehicle parameters and you will receive a confirmation email within minutes. Make sure to specify if you are interested in renting the following useful accessories that are available for a low daily rate.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Rental: Subject to availability and a refundable damage/loss deposit.
  • Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Rental: Adobe’s Wi-Fi hotspots can support up to 5 connected devices. Black-out (no reception) areas are possible due to geographical or technological factors.
  • Infant Car Seats and Boosters: Obey national traffic laws. The use of an infant car seat or booster is mandatory for children under 12 years of age. Please reserve in advance to ensure
  • Coolers: Complimentary beverage coolers are available with advance notice.

What do I need to rent a car from Adobe?

In order to rent a car from Adobe you will need the following valid documentation and rental deposit:

  • An original driver’s license that has been valid for more than two-consecutive years following the date of issue. If your home license is written in a different alphabet, e., Arabic, Hebrew, or Mandarin, then you will need to acquire an International Driver’s License.
  • A valid 90-day immigration permit (valid Costa Rica entry and exit stamp in your passport).
  • Your original and valid passport with the immigration entry stamp.
  • A valid MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express Credit Card.
  • A deposit of $1,000 U.S. Dollars (or another amount). Cash is not accepted.

Adobe Rent a Car Fleet

Adobe Rent a Car is not only Costa Rica’s largest car rental company, we also have the biggest and most extensive fleet of vehicles available. From regular rental cars to panel trucks, minibusses, and company vans – you name it, we’ve got it. What’s more, all of our cars are less than 24-months old, and many are brand new.

Thousands of international travelers visit Costa Rica each year, drawn by the country’s beautiful beaches, pristine rain and cloud forests, and rugged interior mountains and volcanoes. Even though the majority of roads are in good condition, most tourists prefer to explore Costa Rica’s natural wonders in the comfort and added security of a 4WD vehicle.

The Adobe Rent a Car fleet of vehicles include trusted models from the best vehicle makes available. Choose from Hyundai, Suzuki, SsangYong, Mitsubishi, and Ford. When making your online reservation, you decide what type and size of car you want, as well as the degree of luxury that fits your needs and budget.

A compact Suzuki Jimny is a strong and fuel-efficient model for couples who are looking for the ease and low-cost of traveling in a small and inconspicuous vehicle; while the 4×4 Hyundai Tucson is a popular choice for families or couples and is perfect for both city and rural road conditions. For larger groups, those traveling for extended periods, or groups with lots of luggage, a larger model like a Montero Sport or Hyundai Santa Fe are both good options.

For those of you on business, or if you have a limited budget and plan on driving on major thoroughfares only, a comfortable and reliable 2WD sedan should meet your needs. Choose from a four-passenger mini sedan like a Hyundai Grand 1-10 or a four-passenger complete sedan like the Hyundai Accent Blue, or similar.

Long-term rentals

We at Adobe Rent a Car strive to help make your business in Costa Rica a success. We offer monthly (30 days or more) and annual (365 days or more) rental options with significant discounts and coverage incentives. Our long-term rental vehicles are either brand new or less than two-years-old and we include the vehicle’s preventive or corrective maintenance to ensure your safety and peace of mind. You’ll also receive full-coverage protection during your rental with a low $375 deductible and 24/7 roadside assistance. Rest assured, we’ve got your business needs covered!

Long Term Rentals – Adobe Total Fleet
Long Term Rentals – Adobe Total Fleet

You can also rent your entire fleet from Adobe Rent a Car, and we’ll take care of the financing, acquisition, and maintenance of all your vehicles. This includes vehicle upkeep, as well as Costa Rica’s tax and registration requirements – leaving you free to focus on what’s important, your business!

Insurance coverage to meet your travel and business needs

Having the right insurance coverage when you travel or do business is essential, and we at Adobe take your security seriously. In Costa Rica, it is mandatory to carry Liability Protection Insurance (PLI), which provides limited liability coverage for an incident involving third parties. Most car rental companies will automatically include the PLI daily rate in the rental agreement. Our Adobe PLI covers up to $20,000 in damages with a 20% deductible or a minimum fee of $250. In the event of injury or death of third parties not traveling in the rental car, Adobe’s PLI will cover up to U.S. $100,000 per accident with no deductible.

Unlike some rental agencies, we’ll make sure that you’re aware of the PLI addition before you sign the rental agreement.  In addition to the PLI mandatory coverage, Adobe offers the following comprehensive rental coverage options that will fit your needs and budget:

  • Adobe Car Protection Plan (LDW): Basic rental car coverage.
  • Your Major Credit Card LDW: Many clients opt to use the LDW insurance coverage provided with their credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex). A letter from the credit card provider detailing the insurance coverage in Costa Rica is necessary.
  • Extended Protection Coverage (SPP): This is the recommended insurance coverage option. With SPP your comprehensive coverage includes:
    • Nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance, including tow truck service.
    • No deductible. The PLI’s 20% deductible for third-party damages is waived.
    • Insurance coverage is extended up to $5 million per event.
    • Vandalism damages to the car are covered, including to the tires and windows.

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