Tourism Agencies


Vehicle Delivery

  1. Meet and greet at the Airport, if airline information is provided.
  2. Free shuttle service from the Airports Juan Santamaría (Alajuela) or Daniel Oduber (Liberia) to our offices.
  3. Free delivery at your hotel within 12 miles.
  4. Fees apply when returning a vehicle in another Adobe Rent a Car office different from the one where the rental took place. Please consult at:
  5. Rental place and hour should be clearly stated in the reservation.

Specialized Road Assistance

At no cost, if you purchase Extended Protection (SPP)


  1. Towage service for the rented vehicle, when involved in an event.
  2. Continued trip service for the client to the next destination. This is done with a taxi or private transportation.
  3. Basic road assistance on site.
  4. Locksmith service in case of misplaced or keys inside the vehicle.
  5. Ambulance service, in case of a medical emergency due to an accident.
  6. 24 hour service.
  7. Bilingual call center.


  1. Change of flat tire.

GPS rental (Global Positioning System)


  1. Subject to availability.
  2. Previous reservation is recommended.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Rental


  1. Holds up to 10 devices connected.
  2. Gives signal, when cellular phone signal is available.
  3. Subject to availability.
  4. Previous reservation is recommended.


The use of booster seat is mandatory in Costa Rica for all children under 12 years. If needed, please contact our Reservations center for guidance at

  1. Rental of Booster seat. It is the renter’s responsibility to properly install and fasten the child booster seat.
  2. Coolers: complimentary.

In all cases: Please reserve in advance and service is subject to availability.

Terms & Conditions

Rental Requirements

  1. Present original and valid driver´s license with more than 2 years from the first date of issue. It will be valid for 90 days in Costa Rica, based on the immigration entry stamp on passport. International driving license is required when using another alphabet (Hebrew, mandarin, etc). Provisional driving licenses or photocopies are not accepted.
  2. Passport with immigration entry stamp.
  3. Credit Card (only MasterCard, VISA or American Express accepted) to cover the US$750 deposit (only for Agency clientes). Cash or debit card for deposit are not allowed.
  4. Minimum rental age is 23 years old.


  1. Rental period is 24 hours.
  2. After 4 hours of late car return, you will be charged with the daily rate.
  3. Cars cannot be taken out of Costa Rica.
  4. Additional drivers are allowed at an extra cost.
  5. Cash and debit card are not accepted for the deposit. Only credit card.
  6. Adobe Rent a Car offers meet and greet service at the airport when exact flight details are provided. Renter will be received at external arrival gates by an Adobe Rent a Car representative.
  7. When flight details are not provided, the customer may call upon arrival for free shuttle service available in San Jose Airport and in Liberia airport at the local number: 2542-4800 (San José) and 2667-0608 (Liberia) at office hours. When closed, please call emergency 24/7 number: 2542-4888.
  8. Complimentary delivery of the car to your hotel, within 12 miles from any office.
  9. The Liability Protection (PLI) is mandatory.
  10. The Car Protection (LDW) covers damages to the rental car.
  11. Extended Protection (SPP) is optional.
  12. One way rentals and drop off fees may apply. Consult:
  13. Free mileage for rentals less than 30 days.

Request, Modify, Cancellation, No Show or Early Return Bookings


To make a reservation we need the following information:

  • Name and Surname
  • Car category
  • Date, hour and place of delivery (Hotel or Flight Number)
  • Date, hour and place of collection (Hotel or Flight Number)
  • Extra services to include, such as: extra coverages, accessories, drop off fees or one way rentals, etc.

Cancellation or No-Show

Penalty of US$50 or a 1 day rental charge for late cancellations 72 hours before the start of the service, or for a NO SHOW.

Modifying bookings

A booking can be modified up to 72 hours before beginning the rental (upon availability) with no penalty. Changes in pick up location may have extra fees.

Early Return

In the event that the rented vehicle is returned earlier than the agreed date, a partial refund applies.

General Insurance and Coverage Conditions

Please refer to the Coverage section.

Violations of the Costa Rica Traffic Legislation are full responsibility of the rentee.

One-Way Rentals

In case you need one-way rentals, where you receive the car in one office and return in another, the following conditions apply:

  1. Reservation is necessary.
  2. Minimum rental period: 3 days.
  3. Charges apply. Please consult:
  4. The car does not have authorization to leave the country.

Additional Drivers

The renter/driver is free of charge; additional drivers have a surcharge of US$4 per day per driver. In all the cases the driver must have a driver license with at least 2 years of issue. The rental agreement only has one main driver included.

No smoking policy

It is strictly prohibited to smoke inside the car. In case of any smell, there will be a charge of at least $100.


All accessories are subject to availability. We recommend previous reservation.

Accesory Price Deposit
Children seat (under 12 years old or less than 145 cm height). It is the renter’s responsibility to properly install and fasten the child booster seat. US$1.13 per day
Surf Racks US$3.39 per day
GPS US$10.17 per day
Mobile Telephone with local prepaid card (60 minutes local calls) US$11.30 per rental
Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot US$11.30 per day US$100

Late returns

A 1-hour tolerance for late returns is granted. From 2-4 hours extra fees apply; after 4 hours delay, a full day is charged.

Fuel Charge

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel (please check if the car uses petrol-gasoline or diesel fuel), please returned as it was delivered.

If the car receives an incorrect fuel, all associated costs to correct the problem will be charged to the rentee.

Refueling charges will apply.

Extra fees or penalties

  • Loss/Steal of Car License plates has a replacement penalty from US$100.
  • Loss/Steal/Damage of car mandatory documents has a replacement penalty from US$100.
  • Loss/Steal of car keys has a replacement penalty from US$150 to US$500; if the car key holder is electronic or customized to the car rented a replacement penalty from US$300 applies.
  • US$100 penalty for excessive dirt.
  • US$100 penalty for smoking in the car.


Adobe Rent a Car offers you the most comprehensive insurance plan, for a better experience in Costa Rica. These conditions apply only for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators:

Liability Protection (PLI):

Mandatory insurance with a limited coverage of liability.

  • Damages to third parties´ property: US$20.000.
  • Injury or death of third persons not travelling in the rental car: US$100.000 per accident. No deductible.
  • Does not cover damages to the rental car.

 Car Protection (LDW):

Waiver of financial responsibility in case of damages to the rental car, produced by a car accident, collision or roll over. It also protects the financial losses in case of a total or partial theft of the automobile.

  • Does not cover vandalism damages, cost of tow truck and road assistance.
  • The car protection has a deductible (excess) of US$1,130.
  • Does not cover third party damages.

Extended Protection (SPP):

Waiver of the deductible (excess) of the Liability Protection  & Car Protection ($1,130).

  • Extends the limit of the coverage up to US$4.000.000 per event.
  • Covers vandalism damages, windows, tires, car plates.
  • Covers cost of road assistance cost (24/7) and tow truc

Guarantee deposit of US$750 will be required with mayor credit card, only for Agency clients.

Coverage exclusions

The waivers, insurances and coverages will not apply in the following cases:

  • Fail to report the accident to the Car Rental Company immediately after the event takes place.
  • When the driver has any incident and is under the influence of alcohol, drugs.
  • When the vehicle suffers damages and the driver is not authorized/inscribed in the rental contract.
  • Damages of any type caused by driving thru rivers, lakes, beaches, mangroves, flooded roads or off-road (i.e. where do not exist an official road, example: Cross-country).
  • Failure to comply with legal and claim process with the insurance company, as, but limited to:
    • Report the accident to the Transit Police
    • Report the accident and fill the claim of the Insurance company
    • Comply with any other requirement of the legal process

Consult with Reservations ( special conditions for your Travel Agency or Tour Operator.

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